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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Watch the City Council Meeting Live

The Council meeting will start tonight at 7pm. You can view it live on Channel 3 or online here. After going to the link, click on the city emblem on the right hand side half way down the page. Click on Live feed.


Anonymous said...

Rhett, Thanks for the link, I am in Gate City Va for National Guard Duty. Great show of support for the local. I am thankful that I was able to see my brothers and sisters stand up and unite for the safety of the citizens of Roanoke. D L Hurd

Valerie said...

I was never so proud to speak at a Council meeting as I was tonight. If they did not hear all of you loud a clear and how absurd it is to cut fire services to the city but "build, build, build" then they all need to go.

I apologize for the apathy of the citizens. As you probably know they don't appreciate you until they need you.

I don't expect to win office but I will remain a neighborhood advocate and I will be there anytime public safety is in jeopardy.