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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Roanoke City Takes Delivery of New HTR Truck

Roanoke Fire-EMS took delivery of this M & W Custom Fire Apparatus. The unit is built on an HME Cab and has a compartmentalized rescue body on it. The truck is the new Heavy and tactical Rescue Truck 6. It will be stationed at station #6 in S.E. Roanoke. The truck is replacing a make shift Rescue truck which was originally ladder #9. This is a much needed and welcomed addition to the fleet. Although the truck will not be manned full-time at this point. However at times of serious weather i.e. floods the unit has been manned in the past. The truck will be staffed by the personnel off of Engine 6 and Medic 6 if available at the time in which a call comes in or the Unit is called for. This is how the responses have occurred in the past. The Roanoke Fire-EMS HTR Team is part of a Regional force which responds throughout Western Virginia. The truck will be placed into service after several days in the Radio shop as well as a trip to North Carolina to have a Light Tower installed on top of the unit. The pictures are below.

The Apparatus Committee voted to purchase the Pierce Quantum Engine which I spoke of ( here ). The truck will be delivered in 45-60 days and put in service once the Radio shop completes installation after delivery. This engine will replace Engine #3 currently a 1991 Grumman, which will move to Engine #13 and the current 1989 Grumman in service there will become a reserve.

IAFF to Create Online Exhibit Tracing Union’s History

Message from the IAFF:
Kate Shmitigal left a comment in a past post, she works for the IAFF and is currently working on some historical projects as well as online technologies for IAFF Locals. She asked me to convey this message to my readers which I do not mind doing at all.

The IAFF is working on a history project (
here ) and would like input from locals across the nation and Canada. If you have information, pictures, history to share then contact them by email.
Kate writes: "Looking for some buttons from IAFF locals, like a campaign buttons, political, or just local identity button, the older the better!" Scanned or mailed to email.
Kate adds:
"Thanks Rhett! We hope to have the website up in by the middle of November, however, my research will be ongoing. I'm also looking for some interesting stories that a member might want to share. The first story we will feature is on a former executive board member and his career in the fire service, I will have photos and audio clips. The story you might have it could be about anyone or anything that exemplifies the fire fighter's union. "

I am working on information from the RFFA for this project. If you have anything to add for the RFFA please let me know.

Kate if you could let us know of a deadline possibly it would be appreciated.

Firefighters Web Ring

Newly formed firefighter web ring will allow all the fire related blogs the chance to be located all at once. If you are interested join up.

Check out the Web ring at the bottom of the blog.

Mutual Aid/Automatic Aid for the County

I would like to add a note to this post. This post is intended to bring attention to the regional cooperation between the fire departments in the Roanoke Valley and possibly show room for improvement. As with anything there is always ways to make things better. Only through experience will the departments involved fully understand the roles and ways of making the responses more effective, safer, and more standard between localities. The main point of this post is to inform the firefighters in Roanoke City of differences in dispatch, response, company make-up, and protocols of other localities. This incident is merely one case that shows differences and the need to IMPROVISE, ADAPT, and OVERCOME. If you have questions or comments leave them below for all to read or email me.
Roanoke County had a house fire yesterday. There is an image and article in the paper today. I could not find it online though so you will have to take my word for it. Roanoke City Engine 13 ran the call as automatic aid with the County. The call was just inside the County line and Station 13 is the closest fire station to the incident. Ladder 13, the other staffed unit at Fire Station 13, was out of service for some reason or another. I do not know all the particulars of the fire. However, I did notice one thing while listening to the fire on TAC 8; it took one hell of a long time for a Ladder truck to mark on scene.

Apparently in the County, since it is a combination career/volunteer department, when a company or apparatus is dispatched they are given somewhere around 4 minutes to mark in route. WHAT?? Yeah that is right. I am not bashing the volunteers, and I understand that they are not at the station all the time. But what happened to the paid guys who staff Ladder 5 at Hollins (the first due ladder truck for this call)? I thought that was part of the deal with the County, we would provide automatic aid and they would staff Ladder 5. Maybe I am wrong.

In the City we run fires and we expect and always receive our compliment of fire apparatus and firefighters on every fire. We know what we are going to get, when it will get there, and what they will be doing once they get there. This is how we work. Once a unit is dispatched it is on its way. If something happens that a company is on a call, out of service, or breaks down enroute to the call then another company is automatically dispatched.

For those of you who do not know the difference; In the city the ladder truck carries ladders, forcible entry tools, ventilation fans, salvage covers, etc. Whereas the engine carries hose, water, etc. In order to do an efficient firefighting operation you need both apparatus as well as certified and competent firefighters.

So why did the crews working at the fire have to wait so long for a ladder truck to mark on scene. I give you some possibilities:
1) Ladder 5 did not have firefighters assigned to it at that time.
2) The volunteers were unable to get a crew to the station quick enough.
3) The paid staff who might staff Ladder 5 were staffing a different apparatus.
4) The closest Ladder was not in service (City Ladder 13).
5) The closest Ladder was not dispatched.
6) The 4 minute time limit for marking a unit in service is unacceptable.
7) If units do not mark enroute immediately then another truck should be dispatched.
8) If an unmanned truck is dispatched, which would have to wait for volunteers to respond to the station to man, then a staffed unit shall be dispatched as well simultaneously.

The bottom line is that if City firefighters are going to respond outside of the City, automatic aid or mutual aid to any locality, they should be given the same tools, apparatus, and firefighters that they are accustom to in the City.

Oh and just for everyone's information. We need to get the terminology right.

Automatic Aid
"Automatic aid is assistance dispatched automatically by contractual agreement between two communities or fire districts. That differs from mutual aid or assistance arranged case by case. ISO will recognize an automatic-aid plan under the following conditions:
1)It must be prearranged for first-alarm response according to a definite plan. It is preferable to have a written agreement, but ISO may recognize demonstrated performance.
2)The aid must offset a need in the community ISO is surveying. For example, if a community needs a ladder company and the fire department does not have one, but a neighboring community's ladder company responds by automatic-aid agreement, credit may be available.
3)The aiding ladder company must cover at least 50% of the needed ladder company Standard Response District by hydrant count in the community being graded."

Mutual Aid

"The main focus of the Mutual Aid System is to make a large number of resources available in a pre-arranged, organized fashion at no additional cost to the town, village or municipality requiring assistance during alarge- scale emergency situation.
Mutual Aid is activated when the fire or emergency is beyond the capability of the responding fire department, or there are more fire calls or emergencies than the local fire department can respond to. For example, if a fire in your community was too large for your local fire department to handle alone, Mutual Aid could be called upon for additional equipment and personnel. The same would apply if a tanker or train carrying dangerous goods was involved in an accident.
Mutual Aid also offers back-up protection. If the local fire department is attending one fire or emergency, this system provides response to any other fire or emergency situation in that town or municipality. All of this additional assistance is provided at no cost to the town or municipality.
The Mutual Aid System is set up under the provisions of Section 264 of The Municipal Act. This Section empowers municipalities to enter into agreements with other municipalities for providing or obtaining fire protection or emergency response assistance. Mutual Aid does not affect or replace this authority."

So basically automatic aid is that which is preset so that the aiding agency is dispatched with the initial alarm and there is usually a cooperative agreement both ways. Whereas mutual aid is merely the understanding that if one locality has an incident which it cannot handle by itself they can call on another agency for assistance through a prearranged agreement.

The reason why I speak of this incident is that our Firefighters, that is Roanoke City's Bravest, need to know what to expect and some of the possibilities involved while running mutual aid and automatic aid into other localities. If you have a comment please leave it below.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A letter from Captain Wines

I received this letter tonight to explain a tradition that some firefighters don't know about. Captain Willy Wines wanted to add to my post about Garret Brantley ( here).
Captain Wines writes:
"Rhett, Im sitting here injured on the side lines tonight browsing through your blog. As you know, I check it often and sometimes call to add or give my thought. I have been wanting to write a little something to explain the picture you posted of me and Levi on his last day in company. First, many young guys in the Dept may not know of a tradition we have of sending a guy home (or taking him off the rig) at 5 pm on his last day. This is to prevent a death on your last day on the job. If my history is correct, this began back in 1972 when Assistant Chief Cox died in the line of duty at a 10-71 on Patton Ave. I think the date was Oct. 10th (please forgive me if my dates are off) and he was scheduled to retire on Nov. 10th. Although a month from off the books, I also believe that night was to be his last in company. Anyway, That's why I took Levi off the truck at 5pm. I've seen it done to every man retiring since I came on the job. It was done for my dad, I will do it for every man who works for me, and I hope I receive the same courtesy when I go. I will add a few things here. It KILLED Levi. He understood why, but didn't want to go. We caught a MVA right after and it sounded like a pin job but wasn't. The look on his face as we pulled out....well, it hurt. Moving on, I was upset that day for 2 reasons other than losing a good friend and great fireman and seeing his pain in giving up a job he loved. 1.) Not the first on-duty chief came by to shake his hand or wish him well. Now granted, he had exit interviews etc but they were weeks before. I don't know if you could call a chief visit and handshake on a mans last day a tradition or not but it is at least common courtesy! 2.) Coverage wasn't provided to send him home. The Battalion just didn't have a man to send and overtime was not approved. Of all the things we pay overtime for... all the wasted money we spend, it couldn't be found to follow this tradition? He has held over enough for late calls, guys running late for shift change etc that they owed him at least that. It may sound petty or like "nothing" to get wound up over, but it hits me hard! It hurts! I love this Dept and our history and traditions. My dad took a beating for as did many other retirees and if nothing else, we owe it to them to keep it going! Ok let me catch a breath here.. Anyway I wanted to let everyone know and to THANK YOU again Rhett. Everyone should know that you came in and worked the shift for Levi knowing he couldn't pay it back. 12 hours from your wife and son for a fellow firefighter and a long standing tradition and history! You banked mega points there brother and I will not forget it! So, the picture was Levi removing his gear from the Engine and handing it over to me in keeping with our tradition. I only wish it could have happened like 30 years or so from now. Good luck Levi, and thanks for everything! The hard work, the effort, the jokes and million dollar meals. And thanks again to you Rhett keep up the great work and let me know if I can help.
Willie Wines Jr.
Capt. Station # 4 -A-shift"

The correct date of Carl Cox's death was October 7, 1972. For more information check out the RFFA Historical Timeline.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Firefighter's Blogs

I have found a wealth of firefighter related blogs on the internet. I hope that more firefighters catch on to this. However I must say that most of them are personal blogs about themselves and the calls they run, some are even primarily EMS related ( yeah I know *gag*). Unfortunately I have not found too many blogs out there which parallel the content in which I try to give to you all. That being said, I do find these blogs entertaining, I just have not quenched my search of another blog quite like this one. Given that I have a little bias of my own blog. I just think that more departments, more Locals, more firefighters need to catch on to this. This blog is here in all its glory for new members to view as they are hired. They can search the archives to see what they have missed and keep up with the blog as it reports on local, state, national, and maybe in the future international news. That is right I am attempting to incorporate general firefighting news into the blog. I do plenty of it by merely linking to other websites and blogs on the right hand sidebar. If you haven't checked them out you should. I add to the blogroll several times a month. Just as I link to them, they link to me, or us if you look at it that way. You would not believe how many people read this daily, weekly, or check in every once in a while. I certainly hope that you enjoy reading about Roanoke's Bravest and what they are up to with a little added editorial by yours truly occasionally. I get comments and emails regularly letting me know that people (outside of the fire department) enjoy reading about us. The LAFD blog (look under blogroll in the sidebar) is probably the closest to this blog. However there are two major differences: their blog is published by the department, and their blog lacks a personal touch (see some of the posts below). So keep an eye on the blogroll, heck the blog just got linked by a firefighter in Singapore). What more do you want from me? Don't answer that. My wife will rip that list up and throw it out. I left the hyperlinks out of this post on purpose - you have to check them out on your own in the sidebar.

By the way - We are months into this blog and still there are firefighters here in Roanoke City who are just now learning of the existence of this blog. Get the word out and let them know they need to check it out. And tell them to check out for all their RFFA needs!

Local Hero succumbs to Brain Tumor

W. Jessee Ashby died of a brain tumor which he had been living with for 5 long years. Jesse was a member of Catawba Masons Cove Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad one of the volunteer companies which makes up the Roanoke County Fire-EMS Department. Through the years he held various ranks and administrative positions. Jessee was a friend, brother, and childhood friend of many firefighters in the area as well as some of Roanoke's Bravest. Jessee will always be remembered for his selfless volunteering and will join his fellow brothers and sisters in heaven. I did not know Jessee, however I have heard about him through the years. One instance I remember hearing about was when the community got together to raise money for Jessee to help him through his ordeal. There was a yard sale the other day to benefit Jessee Ashby in Salem. God Bless you Jessee.

To Jessee's wife and family - You should be proud of his legacy and the life he led. It takes a great man to be recognized in death by others who did not know him. Your loss is our loss, the community, the brotherhood, the fire service.

If you have something you would like to add about Jessee please post it below in the comments.

The Roanoke Times published his obituary. I have posted it below.

ASHBY, W. Jessee

W. Jessee Ashby, 27, of Roanoke went home to be with the Lord, Saturday, September 24, 2005 after a courageous battle with cancer of the brain. He was preceded in death by his grandparents, William Jennings, Herman Jessee and Hazel Singleton Ashby and a cousin, Allara Reinhardt. Jessee was a proud member of the class of 1995 at Northside High School. While at Northside he was a member of the wrestling team. Jessee attended Virginia Western Community College for two years. He was an employee of Timber Truss beginning as a truck driver and more recently serving as Foreman of the Pick up and Go Sales Department. Jessee's greatest love was serving his community through the Catawba Masons Cove Fire Department and Rescue Squad. He joined the rescue squad in 1994 at age 16 and later became qualified in, EMT-2, Vehicle Extrication, Hazardous Materials, Search and Rescue and Ropes Rescue. He served as Treasurer, Captain, Chaplain and various other capacities until June of 2004. He also served in the Masons Cove Fire Department where he was qualified in Firefighter I, and II. Jessee was a member of the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads. He will be sadly missed by his loving wife, Kelly Ashby; Mom and Dad, Cathy and Earl Ashby; loving Brother, Andrew Ashby, all of Roanoke; half brother, Tony Ashby of Christiansburg; half sister, Crystal Ashby Fore of Tifton, Ga.; grandmother, Evelyn Jennings, of Roanoke; numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and his K-9 companion, Missy. Jessee loved flowers and they will be appreciated or memorials may be made to the Catawba Masons Cove Fire Department and Rescue Squad P O Box 125 Catawba, Va. 24070 or to Parkway Wesleyan Church 3230 King Street Roanoke, Va. 24012. Funeral services will be conducted 4 p.m. Tuesday, September 27, 2005 at Parkway Wesleyan Church by Dr. John Ott and Pastor Mike Lauridsen. The family will receive friends from 4 to 9 p.m. Monday at Simpson Funeral Home & Crematory 5160 Peters Creek Road, 366-0707.
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Doug Hurd to Assist with Hurricane Devistation in Louisiana

Doug Hurd is being sent, with the Gate City Boys, to Louisiana to assist with the relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and now the added effects of Hurricane Rita. Doug's national Guard Unit has been called to mobilize and ship out to Louisiana. We wish Doug a safe trip and we hope that he is able to assist the hundreds of thousands of victims of these devastating storms. Doug will be on his way on Wednesday September 28th and will return the first week of November hopefully. If you remember, Doug was in Iraq for over a year fighting in the war. Doug is a sergeant in the National Guard in a transportation Company. I will be in contact with Rose, Doug's Wife, to be sure that they have assistance if needed while Doug is away.
The picture above is Doug Hurd on his first day at work, they didn't know he was there until after he showered. Just kidding, this is Doug at Station #13 after getting ready to go have some fun in a paint ball battle.
On a side note there is rumor, which I have heard to be true, that the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department is looking into sending a crew of 15-20 members down to assist with the Relief efforts and give some of the firefighters who are down there now some reprieve. The rumor has it that we will be sending the brand new Tech Truck down there. Hell it is so new I don't even have a picture of it yet. The truck is due from M & W very soon, like the next week I think. I will keep you all posted.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Hero Laid to Rest

Check out this touching recount of a hero being laid to rest. (here) I originally saw a post on this funeral on the LAFD Blog.
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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Surfin for Blogs- Some other firefighter related blogs on the net

I was surfing the web today and came up with a few blogs of interest. First off there is a Firefighter's Wife who started a blog Putting out Fires. She has insight on what it is like to be the Wife of a firefighter. Check it out to see what our wives might be going through or thinking while we are away.
Then I found this blog which talks about firefighters still running calls amidst Hurricane Rita passing through. I commented on the post and let her know I was pleased that she was educating people that we still have to work no matter the conditions.
Then there is a post on this blog about the new escape harnesses that the FDNY will be using shortly in the wake of the firefighters who had to bail out of an apartment fire plummeting to their death.
Check out the post on this blog about Tim Kaine and the Line of duty benefit which Republicans are attempting to decrease. This is important information for us!!
Here are a couple of pics of L.A.'s Bravest in this blog.
Check out this blog about life at an airport firehouse.
So that should give you some reading for a couple of days. I have blogrolled a couple of these blogs on the right.

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Local 1132 Back Online !!!

The Roanoke Fire Fighters Association Local1132 Website is back online. You can view it here. We have a better server, better technical support (which I rely on), and more opportunities for the future. Some items you can look forward to in the future are a members only area, your own email at with the ability to check it from any computer anywhere. If you have a site of your own for a department, association, or whatever you should check out to be your server provider. Check out the Local 1132 site and check back often for updates.
To view the photo album of all of the pictures from the Radar fire the other day go HERE.

Another moment in time

Today's moment in history is brought to you by the Lou Ferrigno's Incredible Hulk museum. In this episode you can see that Lou is about to transform into the Hulk and put a stomping on Clayton Martin. I just can't believe that these guys are flipping chicken.

In reality these guys, 1st Lt. Clayton Martin and Battalion Chief Jeff Beckner, are cooking ribs for a rib dinner sale to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. I just couldn't help myself. You tell me if you see a resemlance between Beckner above and the Hulk below.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

"Blue Mass" for the Firefighters, Police, Sheriffs at St. Andrews Oct. 19th

The Blue Mass was started in 1934 to honor those of us who serve the public. This year the Knights of Columbus here in Roanoke are celebrating their Local Public Safety Personnel with a Blue Mass. The event will be held at 7 pm on October 19th at St. Andrews Catholic Church. The event is for all public safety personnel including firefighters, sheriffs deputies, police officers, paramedics, etc. You do not have to be Catholic to attend, all personnel are welcome. There will be Chiefs, Administrators, local and state dignitaries there as well. Plan on attending. There will be a talented Pipes company there as well as some great songs played. A small reception will follow at St. Andrews. Class A uniforms will be recommended as we will be in a house of God. I will post more information as I learn it.

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Roanoke Firefighters on once again Photo Story on the Radar Fire at 2752 Shenandoah can be viewed HERE.
Great job by all who were on scene. It seemed to be a smooth operation, but then again what else would be expected by the guys on B- Shift.

FF/PM Dennis Hayes on a 2 1/2" attack line.

This is what Roanoke Fire-EMS reported about the fire:

The Roanoke Fire-EMS Department responded to a commercial fire on September 21, 2005 at 2762 Shenandoah Ave., RADAR.
The call was received through the 9-1-1 Center at approximately 4:10 p.m. The response of four Engines, two Ladder trucks, two Medic units, one EMS Captain, one Administrative Chief, the Fire Marshal, one Investigative Unit, the Education Information Specialist & two Battalion Chiefs for a total of 28 personnel were involved in the fire. The fire was under control at 4:42 p.m.
Upon arrival fire crews found heavy smoke and fire showing from the garage of the RADAR building. Fire personnel quickly and aggressively doused the flames and ventilated the building. There was heavy smoke and heat damage in the garage area of the building and minimal smoke damage in the administrative portion of the business.
One worker was treated for smoke inhalation at the scene, but did not need to be transported to the hospital. There were no injuries to Fire-EMS personnel.
The fire started in a van housed in one of the garage bays. The cause is still under investigation. Preliminary damage estimates are approximately one million dollars

This and That- The Blog gets International's Attention

Local 1132 website is down for a day or two due to excellent service from USWARE. Hopefully the site will be back up and running tomorrow on a new server which seems to be more reliable. I apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you check back to see the RFFA Local 1132 website in the future.
In other news, the IAFF is very interested in this blog. They have not found any other blogs quite like it and think that it is a good idea. They are trying to develop online mediums in which members can be informed from the local, state, and international level. I told them that this blog has remained unofficial to the RFFA as well as the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department because I do not want anyone thinking that I am speaking for everyone in either of the organizations. Most of my views expressed are that of the RFFA as a whole, however there is not an official dialogue between what I type and/or what the RFFA believes. I do indeed want this site to inform, teach, and inspire those of you who feel threatened by speaking up. I try to keep my opinion professional and I am willing to hear both sides of any argument. The IAFF has thought of starting a blog, however they are unclear of how to go about posting without official say-so. Much like what I have explained as to why I do this the way that I do it.
Look for the fire yesterday on Shenandoah to be on in the Photostories section. Chief Hoback has emailed the information as well as my pictures to the site for a Photo story.
Check out some of the past Photostories here:
There have been others like the Salem Ave. Fire, however you need to search the archives to find them. I will leave that up to you all if you are interested.
If you have any pictures you want to see on this website, let me know.

Mutter: "When I grow up I wanna be just like you Willy. I mean it, I think this whole firefighting thing is allllllright. Hey look at me when I'm talking to you. You hear me. Where did you get that tie at? Did your mom dress you."

Wines: "Damnit Scotty just keep your mouth shut and face forward, your getting an award for being there when I was in there doing it. I was doing it, and your darn snotty nose crew gets an award for watchin."

Mutter:" You have escaped Reality!"

Wines: "You want reality, Hell I am reality."

This photo was taken during an RFFA Awards Banquet in '83 I believe. I could not resist.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fire at 2762 Shenandoah Ave. NW

1610 hours units responded Radar's new Vehicle garage at 2762 Shenandoah Ave. Units marked on scene with heavy fire showing. I believe by the units on scene that a 2nd alarm was pulled. I know these units responded E-9, E-5, E-4, E-13, L-13, L-7, L-2, M-3, RS-1, BC-1, BC-2, Chief 2, Fire Marshal 1, Service Truck 1. Let me know if you would like me to add any others. I will be adding all of the pictures to the RFFA website when I get a chance and I will post a link here. Look for that in a couple of hours. The fire seemed to run smoothly. It seems as though a bus caught fire inside the garage and the bus became fully involved which ended up burning and damaging a lot of the ceiling area on the far end of the building. I will add more information as I learn more.

This is the fire scene as I pulled up just as they were about to put water on the fire. The firefighters had to force open several overhead doors to gain entry to the building.

FF/PM Dennis Hayes on a 2 1/2" attack line on side 2 of the structure. The bus was burning right inside the door wear FF Hayes is directing the stream.

I think that this is FF East and another from Station #4, maybe Lt. Roach(please let me know) directing another 2 1/2" hose inside a door at side 3 at the 3/4 corner.

FF Bennington asking Lt. Tom Mougin to call for Engine #5 to force entry; a minute later, Bennington remembers that indeed he is on Engine #5. FF Chuck Sharp was bleep-bleeping him all the while from his honeymoon to see what was going on. Man-Damn.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I need help with this one

Any takers, I need help with this one. If anyone has any info please let me know.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pierce Quantum demo at the Service Center

The apparatus committee got to see a Pierce demo today. The pictures above are of a brand new Pierce Quantum Chassis with a Series 60 Detroit engine. Some other features are a single stage pump, motorized deck gun with controls on the pump panel, top mounted ladder rack which tilts down to the rear for unloading, 750 gallon tank 2.5" front discharge, 2 - 1 3/4" crosslays and 1 - 2" crosslay, plenty of interior cab space, among other things. This is just one of the possible trucks that might be purchased.

3 Fires today kept Roanoke's Bravest busy

There were 3 structure fires as of 2300 hours today.
4224 Quail Drive NW. Fire showing out of a window in this single family dwelling. Responding trucks were E10, E4, E5, E13, L13, M2, M6, RS1, Chief 3, BC2, Service Truck 2. Interior crews were able to extinguish the fire quickly.
507 Hershberger. An outbuilding was on fire at this residence. Responding units were E10, E13, L2, M9, M10, Investigation 1, BC2, BC4, RS1. The fire was quickly contained.
2005 Greenbrier Ave. SE Hooker Furniture. A second alarm was pulled on this fire. Responding trucks were E6, E3, E5, E14, E2, E11, L1, L2, L13, M2, M6, M3, BC1, BC2, RS1, Chief 2, Chief 3, Service Truck 1, Investigation 1, Fire Marshal 1. The sprinkler system in a spray booth kept the fire contained and the interior crews extinguished the fire without much extension.
Another safe day in Roanoke considering the fires. 3 more jobs done right by Roanoke's Bravest.

Vote for Preston Fleitz in Carlin Chronicles Fishing Picture Competition

Be sure to vote for Preston Fleitz at in the fishing picture competition. The direct link is right here. Apparently you can vote once per hour. I realize that this is totally off subject, but I couldn't help but ask for a couple of votes. It only takes a minute.
Check out the thread on about Preston and all the brothers and sisters voting for him.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Check out this write-up

Check out this comment on one of my posts here. This is definitely worth reading.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Garret Brantley's last day today. Stop in and wish him well in Florida.

Garret "Levi" Brantley will be leaving us tonight for a future in Florida. Stop in and wish him well.

Roanoke City Live Dispatch

I am looking for interested persons who have information and the know-how to set up Live Dispatch on the Web for Roanoke City 911. You can check out several at Some Virginia live dispatches are Troutville, Charlottesville, and Dale City. I have researched the possibility and have come to the conclusion that this is better left to someone who knows what they are doing. If you know how to set this up or know of someone who can, please contact me. I appreciate it and I think that it would be neat to have this capability for people who want to know what is going on here in Roanoke. I have added the frequencies for Roanoke City below. I have not tested them to see if they work or not. I believe that Roanoke City is a trunked system now and I will attempt to get those frequencies for those of you into the trunked system.
These are the Roanoke City frequencies per

155.1300 Roanoke City Police(F1)
155.4900 Roanoke City Polic(F2)
453.0500 Roanoke City Sheriff
159.1500 Roanoke City Fire&Rescue
154.3100 Roanoke City Fire&Rescue
155.8200 Roanoke City Fire&Rescue (Dispatch)
453.9000 Roanoke City Fire&Rescue (TAC)

460.3500 Roanoke City
458.7750 Roanoke City Office of Emerg Service Ch.1
453.7750 Roanoke City Office of Emerg Service Ch.2

463.0500 VA EMS MED 3 (Lewis Gale Hospital)
463.0750 VA EMS MED 4 (Roanoke Memorial)
462.9500 VA EMS MED 9 (Allegheny Regional Hospital)

155.3850 Life Guard 10

Monday, September 12, 2005

September 11th, 2001 All the information you can handle

Check out September 11 News for all the information you might ever want to know about that date, the incidents, and the war that the terrorists started.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fallen Firefighter Memorial Service

Photo Courtesy of Kieth Clinton.
The memorial service for our local Fallen Firefighters as well as those who died on 9-11-01 took place this evening. This year we had a small service which included Roanoke Fire Fighters Association, Roanoke Fire-EMS Ladder 1, Engine 3, Engine 2, BC-1, Chief 3, and RS-1, Troutville Fire Department, and Mount Pleasant Rescue Squad. I apoligize if I left anyone out. We appreciate you all joining us to mourn the Fallen Firefighters.
Next year we hope to have a larger Memorial service in honor of the 5th anniversary of September 11th. Lynchburg Pipes and Drums offered to come this year, so hopefully we will be able to get them out next year. As well as our Color Guard and Honor Guard. So look forward to the next years memorial.

Never forget the Fallen Brothers and Sisters who have given their lives in the line of duty.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Fire Station #1 debate on internet.

Check out the mention that Fire Station #1 got on this site. I have added them on the right as a link.

Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service

On September 11, 2005 the RFFA will be putting on a small memorial service for the Fallen Firefighters of Roanoke City as well as the 343 Firefighters who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Please plan to attend this event with your friends and families. Contact me with any questions. More information can be found here.

Fire Station #1 Editorial shows bias for Old Southwest Inc.

An editorial in the Roanoke Times Today by Chris G. Muse explains...well nothing really. It showcases his opinion that he wants the new station. If someone came along and said we are closing a fire station and moving it right next door to my neighborhood I guess I would be happy too. If the new station is built Old Southwest will flanked on two sides by fire stations which includes 2 engines, 2 ambulances, and a ladder truck as well as command staff. I just do not understand why Muse needs to write an editorial to the whole city rubbing it in there face that he will be more privileged in the future and have two fire stations.

"Muse is a past president of Old Southwest Inc.

I must admit that I am perplexed by Mark McConnel's essay concerning Fire Station No. 1 ("History, efficiency, safety and cost argue for saving Fire Station No. 1," Sept. 1). I like McConnel, but the mathematical side of his information somehow proves that his point of view is incongruent with my summation. Polite way of my saying, "What?'
First I think too much is being placed on the Old No. 1 Fire Station. While it is one of our most well-known sites it is one of four old stations that will be replaced with modern stations. "

Muse later writes "If Fire Station No. 1 was on fire, Station No. 3 would be called. Let me repeat that. If Fire Station No. 1 was on fire, Station No. 3 would be called. That's funny, right?"

No sir that is not funny. To think that you are so naive to say that a Ladder Company has nothing to do with fire suppression. If you ask any ladderman in the city if they have assisted with fire suppression in the past year they will say yes. Why do you ask if there are other tasks to be done. Well due to minimum staffing of 3 firefighters per truck, there simply is not enough personnel on scene to have pre assigned roles for each firefighter. Meaning that when the first units arrive on scene the incident commander decides who does what.

Here is an example if an Engine, with the usual 3 personnel, arrives first in at a fire and decides to get a hydrant, they will leave the firefighter at the hydrant. Then the engine lays hose to the structure. Once at the structure the driver will engage the pump and hook up the hose lines. The Officer will mark on scene and probably take command since he/she cannot go in alone. If the next apparatus on scene is a Ladder Truck (what usually happens) then the Ladder truck personnel, again 3 usually, will begin their tasks. The driver will set a fan at the front door while the officer and firefighter enter the structure to begin search and rescue. Since there is not a hoseline in the structure yet, they will take one with them. Why? Because you search rooms around the fire, floors above the fire, and floors below the fire. They would not want to be there without a hand line in place. When they find the fire they can put the fire in check while other crews come in to contain and extinguish the fire. Then the laddermen can resume search and rescue.

Another reason why what you say is so abrasive is that Engine 1 did exist until the early 1990's.

The remark that you want to be on the list to buy Fire Station #1 is embarrassing and shows that you obviously have ulterior motives for the Station. This station will never be a private residence or restaurant.

Chris if you have any questions please contact me at I would be glad to educate you on what you speak of.

Fire at Weddle Salvage

The Roanoke Fire-EMS Department responded to a commercial fire on September 8, 2005 at Weddle Salvage on 13th Street.
The call was received through the 9-1-1 Center at approximately 11:34 a.m. and was quickly under control. The response of two Engines, one Ladder truck, two Medic units & two Battalion Chiefs for a total of 13 personnel were involved in the fire. The fire was under control at approximately 11:50 a.m.
Upon arrival units saw heavy smoke coming from the salvage yard. After further investigation fire crews found a pile of scrap car parts on fire. Fire crews quickly extinguished the fire. The fire was contained to the scrap car parts.
There were no injuries to Fire-EMS personnel or citizens.
The cause of the fire is under investigation. Damage estimates are still being determined.

Fire At Texas Steakhouse

The Roanoke Fire-EMS Department responded to a commercial fire on September 6, 2005 at 5025 Valley View Blvd, Texas Steakhouse.
The call was received through the 9-1-1 Center at approximately 2:51 p.m. and was quickly under control. The response of four Engines, two Ladder trucks, two Medic units, one Battalion Chief, one Administrative Chief and one Education Information Specialist for a total of 27 personnel were involved in the fire. The fire was under control at approximately 3:08 p.m.
Upon arrival units saw smoke coming from the roof. Fire crews quickly extinguished the fire. The structure was occupied at the time of the fire by twelve people. All occupants escaped the building unharmed. There were no injuries to Fire-EMS personnel.
The cause of the fire was a worker on the roof soldering some copper while doing air conditioning work. The soldering ignited some grease and insulation. The fire started on the roof and was contained to the roof. The restaurant received some water damage. Damage estimates are still being determined.
The following was an account by a firefighter on Engine 10.
"The fire started in the HVAC on side 2 from a HVAC maintenance worker that was soldering a connection and the insulation caught fire. The fire spread into the roof line and through the drop ceiling. We deployed 2 -- 1 3/4" handlines 1 to the roof and 1 interior. We estimate 30,000 total damage 25000 structure and 5000 contents. There were 20 or so occupants. No injuries. On scene was E10, E2, E9, E13, L13, L2, BC2, BC4, ST1, M10, M9, M6, Chief 3, PIO, and Prev 1.

We were on scene about 1 1/2 hours and flowed around 5-700 gallons. We mopped up and helped clean a little. Fire took about 20-25 minutes to completely extinguish."

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Roanoke Fire Fighters Association too powerful or not powerful enough

Todd Jackson writes in an article Council opts to keep old fire station the following:
"As the powerful Firefighters Union made its preferences known, Roanoke City Council members got cold feet about closing the historic station...One lesson the council has clearly learned is to pay attention to firefighters, one of the most politically powerful groups in the city. Over the past few years, the council has approved several initiatives firefighters have requested, from retirement improvements to staffing restorations to pay increases. "
I was able to watch the City Council meeting on RVTV yesterday. The turnout of members, speakers, and the support from the community show the City Administration and City Council that we are not willing to roll over on issues that effect us.
It should be comforting to think that the Acting Assistant City Manager and Mayor Harris made a point that they would not stand for retaliation.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Glimmer of Hope for Fire Station #1

Roanoke Fire Station #1, the oldest operating fire station in Virginia, survives yet another attempt by the City to close it forever. Roanoke City Council had a vote to act on today which allocated almost $700,000 more in funding for the new Fire Station/Administration building at Elm and Franklin. The City Council decided during a morning work session to move forward with the building of the new station, however they wanted the consolidation of Fire Station #1 to be taken out of the equation. This came to fruition during the 2 pm City Council meeting where several Council members wanted to make it clear that by voting yes to the additional money, they were not agreeing to close Fire Station #1. The City Manager was asked whether or not the new building plans should be reconsidered to remove the space that was required for Ladder 1 and its crew, which she stated that it would cost more money to revamp the plans and the space might be used in the future for other fire apparatus and crews.
What does all of this mean?
Certain aspects of these decisions might be inferred differently. Certainly both sides won. The Fire Administration gets to move forward with its plans for the new station. The Citizens, Business owners, and Firefighters keep the Historic Fire Station #1 and the services it provides to downtown Roanoke. However what will this mean in the future? Well only time will tell. I hope that the Citizens and Business owners do not forget what the fire station means to downtown Roanoke and that the need for fire protection will always be alive in this area. I can only hope that future City Councils, City Managers, and Fire Administrators do not lose sight of all the hard work and determination that the Business owners, Citizens, and Firefighters put into keeping this station open. It is not all that often that a City agenda gets the amount of publicity, support, and diverse views as this has.
Diesel Exhaust Systems
I have to speak on another issue of Diesel Exhaust Systems which got some publicity at the meeting. I feel this is a necessity in our stations. Mayor Harris would like to see these systems installed in the stations. The Chief made comment about these systems in relation to other departments. He stated that firefighters would use them for the first 6 months and then become complacent in the use of them. I can assure you all that if my station had these systems I would use them and make sure that my coworkers would use them also.
I feel as though our firefighters are not given enough credit for the work that we do and the determination in which we do it. We certainly do not ask for much, mostly just fair treatment and decent equipment to do our jobs with. In the era post 9/11 we have been asked to respond, react, contain, and remedy emergencies that our brothers and sisters before us would not have dreamed about. With the development of Homeland Security and the realization of the public that we are a vital link in first response to acts of terrorism and its secondary emergencies, we have had to train harder and think smarter each day so that we can provide for our citizens in their times of need. Increased EMS responses and mutual and automatic aid into Salem, Roanoke County, and Vinton have provided us with a higher call load, longer responses, and the need to work with multiple jurisdictions. The City has a witnessed increased flooding responses in the past couple years and we have implemented a Swift Water Rescue Team. This team was called out numerous times just weeks after its inception. The Team responded Valley Wide to provide a service to our customers which showcases our steadfast determination in providing the best Fire and Pre-Hospital Medical care in Western Virginia. Our members strive to bring new technologies, training, and special operations to Roanoke City all the while continuing our day to day operations which we pride ourselves on. The Firefighters of Roanoke City are proud of our traditions, history, brothers and sisters, and citizens. We will continue to make Roanoke City the safest City in the State and make our City Administrators, City Council, and Customers proud to have us protecting them.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Roanoke City Fire Fighters Raise $4400 for MDA

Well the total is in and we have raised $4400 for MDA. This beats last years total by over $2000. Thank you for all of the help in raising money. Check out RFFA/MDA for more information as well as the information on our MDA Ambassador Cory Craighead. This young man is certainly a courageous individual. He loves firefighters and looks forward to meeting each and every firefighter in the City of Roanoke. It is amazing that the local MDA Telethon was able to raise over $500,000 (our total included) as well as the local radio stations raising $511,000 for the Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts.
As this year of fundraising for MDA raps up I would like to extend an invitation for you to get involved. The RFFA is currently seeking members interested in organizing next years golf tournament, fill the boot, and MDA Camp Cookout. If you are interested contact me. These events are not all that hard to organize individually, however I have organized all three for the last 3 years and I will be unable to continue this next year. I will stay on as the MDA Coordinator and assist with the events, I just need help with them. If you would like to get involved with RFFA activities this is a great way. I have enjoyed organizing these events and look forward to assisting in the future.
We have several other possible events we would like to put on in the future to raise money for the MDA and other charities like the Burn Camp. Please contact me if you would like to assist in organizing an event.

Fire Station #1....the importance of the issue

In the Roanoke Times today Chief Grigsby weighs in on his determination to build fire station #1.
I guess that tomorrow's Council meeting will speak for itself. Tune into the meeting on Channel 3 at 2 pm.
It will be an unfortunate event for the businesses, citizens, workers, tourists, historians, and firefighters if Fire Station #1 is closed down.
Check out the Roanoke Found Blog for another opinion on the matter.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Two Fires in Roanoke This Morning

Roanoke Fire-EMS was busy this morning fighting two residential fires.

Fire at 832 Marshall Ave. SW 0855 hours.

Engine 3, Engine 5, Engine 7, Ladder 7, Battalion Chief 1, RS-1 responded for a structure fire. Engine 3 marked on scene with heavy smoke and flames showing from the second story. No injuries reported.

Fire at 4533 Thirlane Road NW lot #27 0911 hours.

Engine 10, Engine 2, Engine 13, Engine 9, Ladder 13, Medic 9, Battalion Chief 2 responded for a structure fire. Engine 10 arrived to find heavy smoke and flames showing. The fire was quickly brought under control. No injuries reported. One family was displaced by the fire.

Bedford Fire Department To Send Firefighters for Hurricane Relief

The Bedford Fire Department (Bedford, Virginia) will be sending a task force of 24 firefighters to assist with the Hurricane Relief Effort in Louisiana and Mississippi. The task force will be deployed for a minimum 7 days and will be driving down equipment in tow. The task force is part of BFD's Urban Search and Rescue team that has responded to a couple of calls within the state. This will be their first out of state deployment. The task force is a newly formed team consisting of volunteers. Many of these volunteers are also career staff in other localities. BFD Chief Todd Stone, Captain Brad Creasy, and Firefighter Brad Dinwiddie will be a few of the firefighters responding. These men are also career firefighters with Roanoke Fire-EMS; Stone is a Captain, Creasy and Dinwiddie are firefighters. The BFD task force is planning to head south tomorrow at around noon. They will be accompanied by 4 Bedford Sheriff's Deputies. We wish these men a safe trip.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Will Roanoke Fire-EMS Send Firefighters for Hurricane Relief?

I have gotten about 20 phone calls today asking if the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department is sending personnel to assist with Hurricane Relief. From what I understand the question was posed to one of the top Brass of the Department and answered by stating that we haven't been asked to send anyone so we aren't going to, but FEMA HAS asked for our assistance along with every other Department in the Nation. I certainly hope that this does not reflect the Departments true stance. I do not think that the affected Departments, Governments, Counties, or States are going to get on the phone to call our Department to ask for help. I understand that in times of great tragedies there is a problem with First Responders self dispatching themselves to incidents. The problem with this is the the Locality where the incident occurred cannot provide for the basic necessities of these responders. I realize that the Department is shorthanded as it usually is, but there is a greater cause here. WE are the first responders and our brothers and sisters in the affected areas need OUR help to provide for their Citizens. What if we had a Tragedy that we could not handle? What if our families were affected? What if our families were traveling to other states to find adequate shelter while we stayed to do our job? What we did not have the personnel or supplies to do our job? Then think, what if we called for help................and nobody came. I realize that there are Firefighters, who volunteered to go, from everywhere going to help with Hurricane Relief through FEMA. But what if all of those Departments said "Well they haven't called so we aren't going to do anything".
The fact of the matter is FEMA has asked for help.
The Federal Emergency Management Association has asked for 1000 2 person teams. The only requirements are that the responders are Career Firefighters and that they bring only carry on luggage. The application asks for the Chiefs approval and that approval is just as good as the usual prerequisite of proper certification and International Background Check. I can only assume that the purpose of 1000 2 person teams is that it will minimize the effect of manpower on the offering Departments. Another reason is that 2 person teams will be somewhat on their own, working as a bigger team in unfavorable conditions.
I do not see any reason why our Department has not applied to assist these localities who have experience a tragedy like no other. It is hard to believe that the areas impacted the hardest by Hurricane Katrina are basically "3rd World" now. This area will need assistance for a long time to come. There will probably be a continued need for Firefighters, EMT's, and Police Officers. I will go tomorrow if I was allowed. I know of about 15-20 members of our Department who have said the same. I know that most of the Firefighters in the City of Roanoke would stop what they are doing to go assist. All they are asking for is 2 firefighters. Is that so much to ask for? I certainly hope that the Department will at least send in the application to send at least 1 team of 2 firefighters.
For more information check out FEMA, IAFF, or IAFC.
The Roanoke Fire Fighters Association is planning to collect at least $5 for the IAFF members affected by the Hurricane.

This photo and other photos from New Orleans can be seen at It kinda reminds me of the County fighting fire. Ha Ha. Just kidding guys............ this one is still standing.

This Day In History Frank L. Ferguson Died in the Line of Duty 1955

Firefighter Frank L. Ferguson was killed when a wall collapsed on him at the scene of a warehouse fire at Virginia Scrap Iron and Metal Company. Ferguson was assigned to Ladder #1 and joined the department August 16, 1955, after surviving several military conflicts in the Korean War and World War II.

Hurricane Relief for the Families of IAFF members

Please check out IAFF Online for information on how you can help the estimated 2000 IAFF members and their families who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina. The RFFA is planning to collect at least $5 from each member for the families. Most of the Local's in the state have already collected this money and some have matched what the members have contributed. Fairfax donated $20,000 for the cause.

Business Community Speaks out in Favor of Station #1

This editorial as seen in the Roanoke Times on September 1, 2005 was written by Mark McConnel. Mark is a member of a Community Committee who got together to keep Fire Station #1 open as it stands now. It is amazing at the response that this group has gotten from business owners, citizens, and activists in support of their cause. If you would like more information contact or call 540-344-1742.
Mark C. McConnel

McConnel is the former chairman of the Roanoke Arts Commission, an architect, a planner and spokesperson for Save Our Station #1, a group interested in maintaining fire service in the historic Fire Station No. 1.

Why are we moving firefighters out of Fire Station No. 1 and seeking to build a new station on the corner of Elm Avenue and Franklin Road? A group of concerned residents is seeking an answer to this question and a halt to this direction. Joining this effort are the Roanoke Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 1132, The National Trust for Historic Preservation, The Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation and The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities. The Roanoke city administration has, once again, made several significant decisions without seeking input from its residents and affected employees.
Fire Station No. 1 is on the National Register of Historic Buildings and is the oldest operating fire station in Virginia (and one of the oldest in America). The National Trust recommends that fire stations be established or maintained in historic districts due to rapid response needed for older structures. The downtown location is preferred because downtown buildings are closer together, older buildings are built with more combustible materials, the population downtown is elevated during the day, and the increase in buildings being built or remodeled for residential use increases the need for a downtown station.
Station No. 1 can accommodate every piece of fire apparatus the city owns and everything we are likely to purchase. A tractor-drawn "tiller" ladder truck is the most maneuverable, tallest and the best choice for a downtown location. Ladder 1 is one of these trucks.
Attachment to the station is not simply nostalgic. We are fortunate to have an operating historic firehouse in a strategic location. If it no longer functioned, there would be no argument, but Fire Station No. 1 is very inexpensive to maintain and requires minimal annual investment of taxpayer money. Roanoke firefighters have repeatedly stated that the station is well located, in good working condition, can accommodate necessary equipment and is a good place to work. Why would the city abandon a fully functioning fire station in the heart of downtown?
In addition to the obvious benefits listed above, Fire Station No. 1 is a working museum that costs the city no additional funds and provides the opportunity for tours to a variety of groups as well as passers-by interested in a piece of Roanoke's history. (It is listed on as a historic site to visit.) The station contributes to the overall character of our city, which translates to dollars invested by people who chose to relocate or open a business here, largely because they love the overall "feel of the place." Why would any city seek to close such an asset? One person, upon hearing that the city planned to close the station, quipped, "Have they been missing the meetings on downtown revitalization?"
The city just spent a considerable sum repairing the historic shell of Station No. 1 -- repairs that should last for another 100 years. Why would we walk away from this money? The new station will cost more than $4 million. In addition to fire service questions, this issue is, at its core, a money issue. The soil at the proposed site is contaminated and is not suitable for residential use, yet the plan is for our firefighters to live there. Is this not a residential use?
Common sense also makes one wonder why we would locate a specialized public service building on one of the prime commercial corners in our city. The investment potential of this corner is high and makes this location far better suited for commercial (tax-paying) use.
The residents of Roanoke are not likely to allow the city to completely abandon the present historic site, resulting in expenses for its continued maintenance. There are no definite plans for Fire Station No. 1 once the station is abandoned, although there have been references to a possible museum. The National Trust for Historic Preservation recommends that historic structures maintain their original operation if at all possible. The trust's data indicate that small historic buildings converted into museums have a very high rate of failure.
The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities stated that "Fire Station No. 1 is emblematic of the city's dedication to the district. Consolidating these services outside the neighborhood could adversely affect the perception of the city's commitment to downtown and the market area" -- this at a time when the city has decided to pour more than $100,000 on another consultant to discern how to better develop and expand this already successful area.
The evidence clearly indicates that the plan to remove fire service from Station No. 1 is flawed and would result in excess expenditures, less effective fire service and loss of other key benefits for all Roanokers.
Citizens who would like to keep the station in operation are urged to contact members of Roanoke City Council and our organization by e-mail at or by phone at 540-344-1742.

Retired District Fire Chief Clayton Dewey Sink Passes Away

Clayton Dewey Sink, 81, of Blue Ridge, passed away Thursday, September 1, 2005. He was born October 25, 1923, the son of the late Edward Sink and stepmother, Flo Sink. He was preceded in death by his daughter, Andrea Vaughan Sink; and his wife of 47 years, Margaret Elizabeth "Libbie" Vaughan Sink. He graduated from Jefferson Senior High School and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, N.Y. and served in the Mediterranean and Pacific Theatres of Operations during World War II. He later graduated from Virginia Western Community College and served in the Roanoke City Fire Department for 40 years, retiring in 1987 with the rank of District Fire Chief. He was a longtime member of Belmont Methodist Church and Huntington Court United Methodist Church. His surviving family includes his wife, Dorothy Constant Sink; stepson and wife, Kenneth and Pamela Vaughan; stepdaughter and husband, Cindy and David Halsey, all of Blue Ridge; grandchildren, Aaron Vaughan and wife, Anne of Floyd, Stephanie Reed and husband, Andy of Hilton Head Island, S.C., Sarah Vaughan of Blue Ridge and Emily Clark and husband, Jim of Hilton Head Island, S.C.; great-grandchildren, Nicole, Lauren, and Hannah Reed of Hilton Head Island, S.C., and Autumn Vaughan of Floyd. Also his half sister, Carol Sue Magee of Windemere, Fla.; and stepsister, Louise Gelone of Roanoke. Funeral services will be held Saturday, September 3, 2005 at 12 noon at Oakey's Roanoke Chapel with the Rev. Dick Jones officiating. Interment will be in Sherwood Memorial Park. The family suggests memorials be made to Huntington Court United Methodist Church or the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, Inc. for the Grace Center, 4 North Ridge Dr., Suite A, P.O. Box 23019, Hilton Head Island, S.C. 22925-3019. The family will be receiving friends from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, September 2, 2005 at Oakey's Roanoke Chapel, 982-2100.