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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Clash in the House of Delegates

Recently, there was a clash in the House of Delegates between the Republicans and Democrats. I was not particularly fond of the reasoning or outcome. However, what really set me off was the fact that in my view of the events, Morgan Griffith made a mockery of us wanting simple rights for Public Safety. Those simple basic rights are that of bargaining for a decent contract by abolishing the prohibition on Collective Bargaining in Virginia. Apparently, Griffith does not feel as though the Public Safety Officials in Virginia deserve the same as in other States. I wonder if he would feel the same way if he were exposed to some of the strong armed, retaliatory, and otherwise unchecked Management styles of some Fire and Police Departments in Virginia.

Read about the clash between Ward Armstrong and Morgan Griffith here and here.

Hell, all we want is a seat at the table, a fair shake, and some checks and balances on policy.

Below are some of the videos related to the articles linked above. If anyone knows of any links to other videos related to this let me know.

I must say that I stand behind the IAFF when they speak of Bipartisan Politics. I will support any delegate of any party as long as they support me. However, it is hard to do when you have all of the House Republicans allowing this conduct to occur.

Furthermore, Griffith told Ward Armstrong (A strong supporter of Firefighters) that he (Armstrong) was either for the Commonwealth or for Unions. So I guess that makes us 2nd Class Citizens.

As with anytime we come across someone who doesn't appreciate us; I always like to remind them that we don't care who you are, where you came from, what your views are, or if you like us or not... WE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU IN YOUR TIME OF NEED.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You know the rule....well its just not written down

I have posted on the need for more defined SOP's, SOG's, Guidelines, Memos, Emails, etc. Once again the unwritten rule strikes.

In a world of digital media, we the firefighters find ourselves out in the dark without a flashlight. Most Fire Departments are para-military. Meaning we have rank and follow the rank. We understand our role and follow orders.

Recently, as in a few years ago, the department went to SOP's online. The SOP book in the station was not maintained after that point. Therefore if you were looking at the SOP book, you had to go online to make sure nothing had changed. This is not a huge deal, however it seems as though memos and emails have taken the place of updated SOP's and it has created a problem. Now, when you want to see what the rules are you have to get the emails, memos, and SOP's and put them in chronological order and put them together like a jig-saw puzzle.

However, there is one more thing you have to take into consideration...the unwritten rule. What is the unwritten rule? Well to be exact, it could be anything. What weight does an unwritten rule have? To me, nothing really.

I know the SOP's, I receive email, and I know where the Memo board is. So I guess it is up to me to know what is going on and what rules to follow. If indeed I fail to follow the rules, I will pay the consequences. That is the way it works.

Unwritten rules? Well don't expect me to know them.

But it could be better. It is very simple actually. All we have to do is update the SOP's to common practice, discontinue the practice of using emails as policy because not everyone uses it, and get rid of relying on unwritten rules.

I would be happy to be on a committee to clean up the SOP's and make them more understandable. After all, it would be beneficial if I could go to one place to know what is expected of me, other than the City POP's.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Crow Saga Continues

I received this via email this morning:

I wanted to give you a little update on the kid-napping incident you posted about earlier last week. By now, or at least after now, the culprits will be revealed so a little explaining should follow. It all started with a kid-napping at station # 9-C. Our beloved and now well known door bell (or “BING-BONG” as we call it ) was not only kid-napped but held ransom by some mean looking characters wearing turbans. A note was received demanding money and on mere Firefighter salaries, we knew the door bell was surely doomed. Quick goat thinking led us down the path of prisoner exchange vs. paying a high ransom. Some easy detective work revealed enough clues from the ransom picture to let us know where to strike and the result was the missing crow. Threats were made, our own ransom note delivered and an exchange location planned. Never to be out done, and knowing we were playing with professionals, we knew that we had better have a “back up” plan so, a hostage recovery team was deployed. Lucky for us and our “BING-BONG”, the assault went off flawlessly. Now, we were faced with a dilemma. Our loved door bell was now safely home, but what about the boys at # 5 ? Were they to suffer over the loss of their Ghetto Crow because of one bad decision? Should we keep both the Crow and our door bell and simply sit and bask in the glory? I’m sure you can tell, the upcoming decision would not be an easy one.

In the mean time, to make up for the torture and interrogation the crow was subjected to, we decided to show him some of the better end of living that we have here in the higher end of Northwest before sending him home. He had already seen some aspects of higher living as evidenced by his worldly travel post the kid-napping. Not to skimp, we scheduled yet another out of town trip to a ski resort in West Va. We cleaned the little lice laden apple eater up and loaded the vehicle for a day of fun in the snow. He seemed to really enjoy the trip and even posed for a few pictures (1 I have included). Everyone should be pleased to know that the little fella will be safely back at his home this evening (although I do think he’s starting to like it here more and more each day… all the travel and cultural experiences etc.) We can only hope that this little capped crusader of the ghetto will be better taken care of in the future and never fall subject to such shenanigans again.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Roanoke Valley Guns N Hoses 5

Anyone ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? You know, where everything is the same every day. This game is kinda reminiscent of that. I am speaking of the Guns winning during the shootout in the end. Everything else was better. Over 3000 people attended. I have sat during Semi-pro games at the Roanoke Civic Center with less than that amount. I have a feeling next year will be even better. The event raised $11,600 for the Muscular Dystrop The whole story is up at with numerous images.

The Ladder issue continues in Roanoke

Like many things in the fire service, you cannot please everyone. Many issues are debated in the firehouse and differing opinions are offered. However, most often the guys/gals in the firehouse are not the decision makers. The decision makers have ideals set forth by budget, higher up management, and governing standards. The firefighters mostly want the best understandable because it makes their job easier, more efficient, and their lives may depend on it. After all, if a deficient piece of equipment is purchased it will not likely effect someone sitting behind a desk. That same piece of equipment may effect a firefighters ability to operate on the fire ground.

Back in 1997/1998 a decision was made to purchase two 75' quints to replace other trucks in the fleet. The trucks were designed with one rear axle, which is not a popular fire service ideal. The need for two rear axles is due to all of the gear that a ladder truck has to carry. The ladders were shortened from the 95'-100' average to 75' in order to have the weight low enough to place the truck on a single axle. The trucks are smaller than other ladder trucks, have pumps, a tank, and hose which take up a considerable amount of room while still having to carry all of a ladders equipment.

A couple of years ago, Ladder 2 was replaced. The old ladder was a 121' ladder truck, the new one is a 95' platform - a first for Roanoke. The 121' was placed in reserve. To picture the reserve ladder is looks like a crane painted red. It is huge.

Now take into mind all the things that firefighters have been told.
  1. We need a new station to fit state of the art equipment.
  2. Fitting state of the art equipment in the old station 1 is like putting a 36" waist in 34" pants.
  3. When the reserve ladder do a 3 point turn just to get into the new bay at the new station that was designed to fit state of the art equipment we were then told that tight is good.
  4. The state of the art equipment that was reported to not fit in the old station will also not fit in other stations.
So the saga continues. The maintenance garage put a new suspension on the reserve ladder. They did not realize that the new suspension actually raised the overall height of the ladder truck by a couple of inches. Normally, this would not be a problem, but Station 2 was altered to fit the reserve truck when it was new and it had 1 1/2" room between the top of the truck and the ceiling. So imagine the look on the firefighters faces when they wedged the reserve ladder truck into the bay at station 2 after the new suspension was put on. They reportedly had to let the air out of the tires to get the truck out of the station.

So what are we left with. Our reserve ladder cannot fit in station 2, nor can it be used to replace ladder 7 because ladder 7 is run as a quint now. So whenever Ladder 2, 7, or 13 is out of service the guys at 13 have to play musical chairs with the ladder trucks because that is the truck they need.

There is an immediate need for purchase of a new ladder truck. I understand that the Chief has already put in for a new one. The Chiefs plan on replacing trucks seems to be working quite well so far. It is too bad that we are still suffering the consequences of bad decisions in the past. The same decisions that firefighters stood against and the decision makers made anyways.

Unfortunately, it takes about 10 months to build a ladder truck.

This is only one example of things the Fire-EMS Department needs. The list is long.

I know how tight money is in the City. We have shelled out millions of dollars to the Art Museum and for building condos downtown.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Guns n Hoses Hockey Game

The Hockey Game is tonight. It benefits the Muscular Dystrophy Association. It is a lot of fun. It will be tonight at 6pm at the Roanoke Civic Center. Be sure to be there.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Firefighters, Rescued by Teammates, Speaks

Scott Leamon did a story on Scooter Hetherington last night. I am sorry I missed it cause I am out of town. The story is on the WSLS website and part of it is below. Great story Scott L., many thanks for telling the it.

By Scott Leamon / sleamon@wsls.comJan 21, 2008

Any house fire is tragic.

But Roanoke city firefighter Scott Hetherington believes the house fire at 1101 Ferdinand Avenue on the afternoon of November 30th is part of the reason he's alive today.

"I remember putting on my mask and that's really about it," Hetherington said Monday afternoon from his "house" as firefighters refer to it.

It's Station 7 on Memorial Boulevard. It's where Hetherington was based.

Hetherington remembers little else because of what happened after he got to the fire on November 30th.

10 On Your Side obtained the emergency tapes from Roanoke city's dispatch center to help tell this part of the story.

"Be advised," a firefighter can be heard on one portion of the tape shouting. "Firefighter is down in the building at this time." Read the whole story

Monday, January 21, 2008

The crow at #5 has been kidnapped

If you didn't already know, Engine 5 is (was) adorned with a crow on the truck. That crow has been on the truck for a pretty long time. It just kind of became part of the truck after a while. One time it was lost, and a couple of weeks later the crew found it on the side of the road and reattached it to the truck.

The crow has been kidnapped. I understand that there has been a ransom note delivered to #5. As you can see, the crow has made a pretty decent trip around the World already. Who knows where the crow will end up in the future?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stay Safe

I will be out of town this week. I will try to update if anything is sent in.

Apparently there will be a groundbreaking event on January 25th for the new Station 3 on Williamson Rd. I wasn't invited...I only heard about it through the comments on a previous post. If you were invited, maybe you could snap a few pictures of the dignitaries heaving the first scoop with their golden shovels.

On a Secretary/Treasurers note...the tickets for the banquet are $35 a piece. If you did not understand that and sent in $35 for a couple you still owe.

I had a busy day today on the way back from Richmond. I snapped a few pictures of a house fire in Prince Edward County here and later drove up on an accident that Bedford FD ran here. If you need me call me or email me. Otherwise, I will see you guys at the Hockey Game on the 26th.

By the way, Todd Reighley is back in town and should be back to work in March.

Stay Safe.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Upcoming Events

Below are some events coming up. If you want to participate or help with any of them just let me know or whoever is involved.

Guns N' Hoses Hockey on January 26th at the Civic Center

Banquet on Feb. 2nd at Holiday Inn Airport.

Bowl A Thon on March 29th - sign up by Feb. 1st. contact Charlie Adkins in Salem. Will be held at Lee Hi lanes in Salem.

Golf Tournament on May 29th same place and price as last year.

July 13 - 18, 2008 - Roanoke Valley MDA Camp

June 15-21, 2008 - Central Virginia Burn Camp. More information here

First a fire, now a flood for retailer

I couldn't find the news story that I watched on tv, so here is the Roanoke Times version of the story. Read it here.

A contractor painting on the floor above Davidsons hit a sprinkler, sending an alarm to the fire station as an estimated 400 gallons of water went through the floor, soaking expensive suits, shirts, ties and socks in the showroom below.

I remember the fire back in 2006. The thing that really caught my attention was the praise for the firefighters by the owner. Thanks for the appreciation.

It is good to see the salvage operation. Salvage is often forgotten about before it is too late in some incidents. Good job guys.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Virginia Firefighter Bill of Rights

Below is the Virginia Firefighter Bill of Rights. Check it out. Did you know it existed? This can be found on the Virginia Professional Fire Fighters Association website ( If you are a member of Local 1132 then you are a member of the VPFF.

§ 2.1-116.9:1. Definitions.

As used in this chapter unless the context requires a different meaning:

"Emergency medical technician" means any person who is employed solely within the fire department or public safety department of an employing agency as a full-time emergency medical technician whose primary responsibility is the provision of emergency care to the sick and injured, using either basic or advanced techniques. Emergency medical technicians may also provide fire protection services and assist in the enforcement of the fire prevention code.

"Employing agency" means any municipality of the Commonwealth or any political subdivision thereof, including authorities and special districts, which employs firefighters and emergency medical technicians.

"Firefighter" means any person who is employed solely within the fire department or public safety department of an employing agency as a full-time firefighter whose primary responsibility is the prevention and extinguishment of fires, the protection of life and property, and the enforcement of local and state fire prevention codes and laws pertaining to the prevention and control of fires.

"Interrogation" means any questioning of a formal nature as used in Chapter 10.1, Law-Enforcement Officer's Procedural Guarantees, § 2.1-116.2, that could lead to dismissal, demotion, or suspension for punitive reasons of a firefighter or emergency medical technician.

§ 2.1-116.9:2. Conduct of interrogation.

The following provisions of this section shall apply whenever a firefighter or emergency medical technician is subjected to an interrogation which could lead to dismissal, demotion or suspension for punitive reasons:

1. The interrogation shall take place at the facility where the investigating officer is assigned, or at the facility which has jurisdiction over the place where the incident under investigation allegedly occurred, as designated by the investigating officer.

2. No firefighter or emergency medical technician shall be subjected to interrogation without first receiving written notice of sufficient detail of the investigation in order to reasonably apprise the firefighter or emergency medical technician of the nature of the investigation.

3. All interrogations shall be conducted at a reasonable time of day, preferably when the firefighter or emergency medical technician is on duty, unless the importance of the interrogation or investigation is of such a nature that immediate action is required.

4. The firefighter or emergency medical technician under investigation shall be informed of the name, rank, and unit or command of the officer in charge of the investigation, the interrogators, and all persons present during any interrogation.

5. Interrogation sessions shall be of reasonable duration and the firefighter or emergency medical technician shall be permitted reasonable periods for rest and personal necessities.

6. The firefighter or emergency medical technician being interrogated shall not be subjected to offensive language or offered any incentive as an inducement to answer any questions.

7. If a recording of any interrogation is made, and if a transcript of such interrogation is made, the firefighter or emergency medical technician under investigation shall be entitled to a copy without charge. Such record may be electronically recorded.

8. No firefighter or emergency medical technician shall be discharged, disciplined, demoted, denied promotion or seniority, or otherwise disciplined or discriminated against in regard to his employment, or be threatened with any such treatment as retaliation for or by reason solely of his exercise of any of the rights granted or protected by this chapter.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random Thoughts

Hey guys. I have been talking to a lot of you all recently and thought I would jot down some random thoughts that have been the topics of discussion.

  • No matter what kind of tone is given, it is an emergency for someone. Even though a "nose bleed" may not seem like an emergency to us at face value, if it made someone call 911 it is an emergency until we arrive on scene to access the situation and mediate. I was discussing with someone today how some of us take several extra bites of food at dinner, finish a conversation, or just casually walk to the truck. Why be so slow to get to the truck just to race through traffic. These are fundamentals.
  • Furthermore, maybe EMS Prevention isn't such a bad idea (first brought to my attention by Chief Manuel).
  • No matter who the person is, you HAVE TO respect the Rank.
  • Most would agree on the biggest problem in our FD, but what is our greatest accomplishment - That is easy: putting up with the biggest problem.
  • Don't lose sight of the good by all the bad. It is real easy to dwell on the bad stuff that goes on, sit back and think of all the good things which have occurred.
  • Somebody was telling me about the new ambulance planned to be put in Station 8. My thought is this: Isn't a medic truck needed elsewhere prior and what engine company will be taken out of service this time to put a medic truck into service.
  • If there is fire, it is a working fire right. So what if you don't need any more trucks, tell dispatch that units on scene can handle.
Most of all, enjoy your job. We are public servants. We are put on a pedestal when things go good, and drug through the mud when things go bad. We are usually only recognized in times of need. We got into this job to help people and we are given that opportunity several times each shift. All we can do is pat ourselves on the back for a job well done and hold our heads high.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Firefighting in Roanoke a year later

I thought I would repost this video about the History of Firefighting in Roanoke. We have had a lot of new hires since I did the interview and it sums up the beginning of Firefighting in Roanoke. Huddle together, get some popcorn, and enjoy.

If you all want to purchase the book, let me know or you can purchase it on amazon, the link is below. The RFFA still has several copies for sale.

Putting the book together was a lot of fun. It won an IAFF Media Award this past year; which was pretty cool. The book has had mild success and was published December of 2006. I am working on the preliminary process for the second book. I have to figure out what type of format I want to use though.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

"We Got To Do Better"

"We" as in Firefighters, not just here in Roanoke but everywhere. 115 Firefighters died last year according to The website is hosted by Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder and others who are interested in decreasing firefighter deaths. However, last year seems to remind us that we have got to do better.

The reason why I am writing this right now is because of this incident below where a Scranton Firefighter was killed by electrocution during a house fire when his ladder truck came into contact with a power line. The image is from
How can this happen? I am not trying to monday morning quarterback, and no I was not there. But we got to do better. Captain Jim Robeson, a 26 year veteran, was killed in this incident. God Bless his family and his brothers on the job. We need to learn from this incident.

This is but one of many incidents where firefighters die...and shouldn't. has the breakdown of firefighter deaths here. I will post some of the statistics below.

Type of Duty:

24 Responding 20.8%
11 Training 9.56%
37 On-Scene Fire 32.1%
8 On-Scene Non-Fire 6.95%
13 After 11.3%
20 Other On-Duty 17.3%
2 Returning 1.73%

Type of Incident:

5 Wildland 4.34%
48 Structure Fire 41.7%
7 MVA 6.08%
3 Hazmat 2.60%
6 EMS 5.21%
1 Tech Rescue 0.86%
1 Outside Fire 0.86%
1 False Alarm 0.86%
41 Not Incident Related 35.6%
1 Other 0.86%
1 Unknown 0.86%

Cause of Fatal Injury:

19 Caught/Trapped 16.5%
1 Contact with 0.86%
4 Fall 3.47%
55 Stress/Overexertion 47.8%
4 Collapse 3.47%
3 Struck by 2.60%
26 Vehicle Collision 22.6%
2 Lost 1.73%
1 Other 0.86%

Nature of Fatal Injury:

16 Asphyxiation 13.9%
3 Crushed 2.60%
7 Burns 6.08%
2 CVA 1.73%
33 Trauma 28.6%
1 Electrocution 0.86%
52 Heart Attack 45.2%
1 Other 0.86%


Basically, a firefighter dies every three days in the United States. There have been 2 reported by and today is the 6th of January. I guess you could say we started this year on track for last year. Although the numbers of 2006 were a lot better.
They give these statistics:
Firefighter Line-of-Duty Deaths Honored by NFFF
» 2008 LODDs Reported to Date: 2
» 2007 LODDs: 118 - Details | Stats
» 2006 LODDs: 87 - Details | Stats
» 2005 LODDs: 105
» 2004 LODDs: 99
» 2003 LODDs: 108

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Chris Dodd, the IAFF Firefighters Candidate for Presidency Calls it Quits

Chris Dodd, the IAFF Firefighters Candidate for Presidency Calls it Quits.

Just moments after Obama and Huckabee were announced as the Caucus winners in IOWA, Chris Dodd announced that he is calling it quits. Dodd walked away early with the IAFF backing and hoped to enjoy the same momentum that John Kerry had just 4 years ago coming out of Iowa.

Chris Dodd's nomination by the IAFF was a surprise to many as I have wrote about in the past. Many did not know who he was. When the polls showed that Clinton and Obama were leading the pack, the IAFF decided to go with Dodd. This is believed to be mostly in part by the firefighters who were at the IAFF Presidential forum in D.C. last year. The firefighters, several thousand in numbers, each filled out questionnaires about each individual candidate who spoke. The candidates included Obama, Dodd, Clinton, Biden, Richardson, Brownback, McCain, and others.

Now that Dodd is out of the picture, it will be interesting to see whose name will end up in Black and Gold.

More later, Neither Dodd's website or the IAFF website have posted anything on the matter.

Update: This was received from the Dodd Campaign tonight:

Dear Friend,

I count the past year of campaigning for the presidency as one of the most rewarding in a career of public service.

Unfortunately, I am withdrawing from that campaign tonight.

But there is no reason to hang our heads this evening -- only the opportunity to look towards a continuation of the work we started last January: ending the Iraq War, restoring the Constitution, and putting a Democrat in the White House.

I know a lot of you came to this email list through a shared desire to return our nation to one that respects the rule of law, and I want to make one thing clear to all of you:

The fight to restore the Constitution and stop retroactive immunity does not end with my Presidential campaign. FISA will come back in a few weeks and my pledge to filibuster ANY bill that includes retroactive immunity remains operative.

You've been an invaluable ally in the battle, and I'll need you to stick by my side despite tonight's caucus results.

So, one more time, thank you for all of your efforts throughout the course of this entire Presidential campaign.

We made a real difference in shaping the debate, and we'll continue to do so in the coming days, weeks and years.

I'll never forget you, and what we've fought for, together, over the past year.

Chris Dodd

Three Fires far

Roanoke Firefighters have battled 3 fires today:

Times are approximated.
0430 - Famous Anthony's at Grandin and 419 in Southwest
1700 - Single Family Dwelling Fire at 33 13th Street Southwest (look for pics on by morning)
1900 - Two Alarm Warehouse fire in the 700 block of Church Ave. SE (pics on WSLS and WDBJ)

Great job guys/gals. Stay Safe.

Look Who Else is Overseas

FF Jeremy Edwards of Roanoke County Station 2 in Vinton is overseas serving in the Army. He was in the first regional recruit school. Unfortunately, I do not know Jeremy, although I am sure many of you all do. Feel free to correct me or add any other information. Apparently, he checks in on the blog occasionally. However, he did not send in the pic. Stay Safe Jeremy.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Just a little FYI about the Banquet this year

I just want to answer a couple of questions about the Banquet this year for you guys. I have had several questions and I want to make sure you guys are informed.

  1. The Banquet is on February 2nd and starts at 6pm.
  2. The Banquet will be held at the Holiday Inn Airport (formerly the Clarion).
  3. Social hour is from 6-7, dinner from 7-8, banquet from 8-9 and fun until 1am.
  4. The rooms are $79. If you were told something different, call back and tell them you are with the RFFA Banquet. They should have cleared up the confusion by now.
  5. Tickets are $35 a piece. $70 for a couple. Members and guests are $35 a piece.
  6. You can bring as many guests as you want.
  7. The reason for the cost increase is because the cost has not gone up for many years. If finally caught up to us and has cost the RFFA a lot of money out of pocket in the past years. The RFFA does not budget funds for the banquet. However, the RFFA will still foot part of the bill for the banquet.
  8. If you have not been, I recommend you go. It is a lot of fun.
  9. If you did not get an invitation and are an RFFA member do the following:
    1. Check the Union website to see if your invitation was returned (
    2. If it was returned, get me your correct address immediately.
    3. Otherwise, let me know and I will get you an invitation.
  10. If you have a nomination for Firefighter of the Year or Company Citation, get your nomination to Tim Parry (4A) or myself (13C) by January 15th.
  11. The nominations must be signed!
  12. If you are planning on attending and drinking, please either get a room or set up some other transportation to get home. Do not drink and drive.
  13. Under the rules of the EMS Council, you cannot drive an EMS unit with a DUI. This includes Ambulances, Engines, and Ladder Trucks. You will be terminated and there is nothing anyone can do to save your job if you are convicted of a DUI.
  14. If you have any other questions, just let me know.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

I wish everyone the best in the New Year. I have had a lot of fun this past year with the Roanoke Fire Blog. I am happy to see all the progress that the Roanoke Fire EMS Department and the Firefighters of Roanoke have made. We have seen a lot of progress this past year, as well as some minor set backs.

I must say that I truly love my job. I enjoy coming to work each and every day. I know a lot of Roanoke's Firefighters share in my sentiment as well. I really enjoy the camaraderie that I share when I stop by fire houses throughout the City.

Keep the news coming in.

One other note that I missed in December was that "Firefighting in Roanoke" is now a year old. I am not sure the exact count of books sold, but it is somewhere around 1600 - 2000. I have plans to begin another book this year, although I have not decided on the format I will choose.

One last note, E13 and M9 ran the first call of the New Year. We just got back from call number 1 which was toned out at 0001 hours. That probably will not happen for me again in my career.

Good luck in the New Year, God Bless, and Stay Safe.