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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Just a little FYI about the Banquet this year

I just want to answer a couple of questions about the Banquet this year for you guys. I have had several questions and I want to make sure you guys are informed.

  1. The Banquet is on February 2nd and starts at 6pm.
  2. The Banquet will be held at the Holiday Inn Airport (formerly the Clarion).
  3. Social hour is from 6-7, dinner from 7-8, banquet from 8-9 and fun until 1am.
  4. The rooms are $79. If you were told something different, call back and tell them you are with the RFFA Banquet. They should have cleared up the confusion by now.
  5. Tickets are $35 a piece. $70 for a couple. Members and guests are $35 a piece.
  6. You can bring as many guests as you want.
  7. The reason for the cost increase is because the cost has not gone up for many years. If finally caught up to us and has cost the RFFA a lot of money out of pocket in the past years. The RFFA does not budget funds for the banquet. However, the RFFA will still foot part of the bill for the banquet.
  8. If you have not been, I recommend you go. It is a lot of fun.
  9. If you did not get an invitation and are an RFFA member do the following:
    1. Check the Union website to see if your invitation was returned (
    2. If it was returned, get me your correct address immediately.
    3. Otherwise, let me know and I will get you an invitation.
  10. If you have a nomination for Firefighter of the Year or Company Citation, get your nomination to Tim Parry (4A) or myself (13C) by January 15th.
  11. The nominations must be signed!
  12. If you are planning on attending and drinking, please either get a room or set up some other transportation to get home. Do not drink and drive.
  13. Under the rules of the EMS Council, you cannot drive an EMS unit with a DUI. This includes Ambulances, Engines, and Ladder Trucks. You will be terminated and there is nothing anyone can do to save your job if you are convicted of a DUI.
  14. If you have any other questions, just let me know.


Anonymous said...

With the increase in cost per person a question comes to mind. Do the those persons (and their escort) such as other union officers from other locals, annual award recipients, retirees to be recognized, city officials, and any invited departmental staff required to pay or do they attend free. This is not intended to be a jab of any sort, simply a question for clarification that many probably do not know the answer to.

FireFleitz said...

Union officers from other locals do not pay. Annual Award winners pay. Retirees to be recognized do not pay. City Officials do not pay. Invited Departmental Staff do not pay. This applies to the invited person and a guest.

Pfestus said...

<<" 5. Tickets are $35 a piece. $70 for a couple. Members and guests are $35 a piece..">>

BIG OOPS. When I read my invitation I read it as $35/couple. I sent in the check in that amount for my wife and I. Thats how I thought it read, as have several others I have talked to.