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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stay Safe

I will be out of town this week. I will try to update if anything is sent in.

Apparently there will be a groundbreaking event on January 25th for the new Station 3 on Williamson Rd. I wasn't invited...I only heard about it through the comments on a previous post. If you were invited, maybe you could snap a few pictures of the dignitaries heaving the first scoop with their golden shovels.

On a Secretary/Treasurers note...the tickets for the banquet are $35 a piece. If you did not understand that and sent in $35 for a couple you still owe.

I had a busy day today on the way back from Richmond. I snapped a few pictures of a house fire in Prince Edward County here and later drove up on an accident that Bedford FD ran here. If you need me call me or email me. Otherwise, I will see you guys at the Hockey Game on the 26th.

By the way, Todd Reighley is back in town and should be back to work in March.

Stay Safe.


Jen said...

WOW we're getting a new fire station in my neighborhood? Funny I knew about this long ago, yet I've never heard it mention in our Neighborhood Watch newsletter. Something else the city sweeps under the rug. Hopefully they will seek the input of the firefighters who will use the station in its design, but I doubt it. Anywaym thanks for mentioning it, I'll spead the news around my block. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rhett,

Some pretty damn good shots you have there. I see they allowed you pretty good access on the scene. That makes a big difference on getting shots of what the firefighters see. Bummer on the folks losing the house, but congrats on the good shots, grasshopper.

Mike Overacker

Anonymous said...

Id like to see those photos sometime Rhett. That's my lil corner of the world.


Anonymous said...

Really good photos Rhett. You can almost put the fire pics in order if you study them good. Looks like they had a hard time getting that one under control. I love the pics right before she flashed out the second floor window. Looks to me like interior one...I mean division division 2.....I mean fire attack group 2...argggghh screw it, who knows anymore. Nice helment Creasy!

Anonymous said...

Everyone in the department was invited to the groundbreaking via departmental email (Tiffany sent it).

And Jen, the design team consisted of several firefighters with a wide range of experience and we were able to give our opinions and ideas and they incorporated them into the final plans. It is going to be a great station and will blend into the neighborhood great.

Anonymous said...

I burped and it smells like a fart.

Anonymous said...

Tell Todd Reighley that Derick "HillBilly" Hughes said hello and I am glad he got home safe and will be back on the Dept.