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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Look Who Else is Overseas

FF Jeremy Edwards of Roanoke County Station 2 in Vinton is overseas serving in the Army. He was in the first regional recruit school. Unfortunately, I do not know Jeremy, although I am sure many of you all do. Feel free to correct me or add any other information. Apparently, he checks in on the blog occasionally. However, he did not send in the pic. Stay Safe Jeremy.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rhet,
I am in the Va guard and spending some time here in warm/sunny Bagdad. I am a medic attached to a engineer company who goes out looking for IEDs. Luckily..I haven't had to "work" yet, but our company has already lost 2 soldiers. I thought that I reconized the truck emblem and the shirt that Todd was wearing when he last I went for a LONG walk on my day off. I have never met Todd, but he made me feel at home. I had a friend with me that was impressed with the "brotherhood" once I mentioned I was a career FF from Roanoke Co Va. It is nice to see a friendly face 8,000 miles away.
Medic/FF Jeremy Edwards
Sgt VaNG