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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Firefighters, Rescued by Teammates, Speaks

Scott Leamon did a story on Scooter Hetherington last night. I am sorry I missed it cause I am out of town. The story is on the WSLS website and part of it is below. Great story Scott L., many thanks for telling the it.

By Scott Leamon / sleamon@wsls.comJan 21, 2008

Any house fire is tragic.

But Roanoke city firefighter Scott Hetherington believes the house fire at 1101 Ferdinand Avenue on the afternoon of November 30th is part of the reason he's alive today.

"I remember putting on my mask and that's really about it," Hetherington said Monday afternoon from his "house" as firefighters refer to it.

It's Station 7 on Memorial Boulevard. It's where Hetherington was based.

Hetherington remembers little else because of what happened after he got to the fire on November 30th.

10 On Your Side obtained the emergency tapes from Roanoke city's dispatch center to help tell this part of the story.

"Be advised," a firefighter can be heard on one portion of the tape shouting. "Firefighter is down in the building at this time." Read the whole story


Preston Martin said...

Great story! So often a story like this ends tragically.

Jen said...

This is one good reason why we should never complain about having to go to CPR class! Glad everything worked out ok for Hetherington. Good job!

rdnckrn said...

There are only a few paid FF in VA. I am a member of a totally volunteer FD in Bland Co. we do it because we want to not to get paid. however it would be nice to get paid for doing something that you love.