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Friday, January 04, 2008

Fires on Church Ave, 13th Street, and Grandin Road

Click here for pictures to the Church Avenue Fire on Pictures by Mike Overacker and Drew Abel.


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Anonymous said...

Stay safe guys! Seems like an increase in fire calls recently! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Strings of fires come and go it will calm down again. The big thing is to stay safe while doing the job.

Anonymous said...

Hey Overacker, I wanted to say ‘good job’ for coming out and taking the pictures. It's important for all of us to remember the past fires and the history of the department. You're helping the young guys remember their first big one and some of our guys that have been here a few years maybe remember their last big one.

Guys we all pick on Mikey for taking pictures and for being himself, but he really is a great guy. And he is doing one hell of a good job staying around after he retired. Most of us would've said to hell with all of us and the department when they retire (and a lot have).

Kudos to you Mike, keep up the good work. Sometimes we don't thank people enough, so thanks for sharing the pictures so we can all enjoy them.

FireFleitz said...

Very True. This is the busy season for fires. Many are started by space heaters and over loaded electrical systems.

One interesting thing is that Roanoke has had 3 grease fires in the past two weeks at restaurants.

Like it was said before, stay safe. Remember, no matter how it started, we have to fight it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rhett
Question for you or whomever sees this and answers...

Explain the different colored helmets please?

I've seen Red, Yellow, Black and White...


FireFleitz said...

White = Battalion Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, and the Chief.

Red = 1st Lieutenant and Captain

Yellow = Firefighter and Lieutanant

Black = rookies in recruit school. They get yellow after graduation.

Good question