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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Roanoke running out of Ladder Trucks?

Today, the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department is operating with 2 of 4 ladder trucks. That is right folks. The entire Southside of the City is left without ladder trucks. Currently, when operable the City has:

Ladder 1 - 100' ladder
Ladder 2 - 95' platform
Ladder 7 - 75' ladder
Ladder 13 - 75' ladder
Reserve Ladder - 121' ladder

Today, we have:

Ladder 13 - in service with the reserve ladder
Ladder 2 in service.

But what about the other two ladder companies? Well Ladder 1's crew is operating on the HTR truck (no ladders on it at all). Ladder 7 is operating with a reserve engine company (a 12'roof/straight ladder and a 24' extension ladder).

You tell me what is wrong. Since I get a lot of the "why are you bringing that up" mentality, I will tell you why. Because we are unprepared going to work like this. AND, the people we protect are unprotected. How many people right now are above the second floor working in an office in Downtown Roanoke?

I don't see how purchasing those 75' quints that are always out of service is any different than Alfred Dowe squandering away City dollars. Both of those 75' ladders are out of service right now and they are only 10 years old. What a waste.

But what the hell do the firefighters know? They don't run the department. They don't twist the statistics. They just merely risk their lives for yours.

I wish that the Chiefs downtown would really hear what the firefighters think and say about the state of our department. I wish that our firefighters didn't feel so threatened of retaliation and were able to speak out and ask the questions.

Friday, October 24, 2008

IAFF FIREPAC Targets McCain in TV Ad

Maybe you have seen this ad running on tv, maybe not. Before you say that your Union dues are paying for this, they are not. This is paid for by the IAFF FIREPAC, which some of you may fund voluntarily. The firefighters in the ad are from Fairfax County. The ads were created in three forms, the one you see and two others taking aim at McCain as well as two other State Senator races I believe in North Carolina and New Hamshire.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Roanoke Firefighters Remodel Bryan Lawrence's House

In an outreach reminiscent of the popular tv show "Extreme Makeover, or possibly the local Habitat for Humanity build post Hurricane Katrina, Roanoke's Firefighters step up to the plate again. No not stepping to the plate like at the annual softball game for MDA or the Golf Tournament (also for MDA), but rather an outreach of Roanoke's Bravest looking out for one of Roanoke's Finest. Yet another act that reminds me of how great it is to be a Roanoke Firefighter!

Several Roanoke Firefighters along with Roanoke Police Officers, local contractors, and company's have taken on the task of remodelling Officer Bryan Lawrence's house so that it is accessible for his wheelchair. 1st Lt. Scott Graham and Captain Scott Mutter have spent hours pulling permits, finding donors for material, lining up voluntary help, and working themselves to get Bryan's house up to par. Bryan, who lives in a split level home in Roanoke County, is awaiting the day when his house will be ready for him to a couple of houses away, headed up the remodel with the help of Mutter who owns Mutter Construc move in. Having made the trip home to Roanoke from Atlanta (I believe) earlier this month, he now awaits his brothers with the Fire Department to get his home ready. Graham, who lives justtion. Between the two of them, they have pulled all the necessary permits and found labor and materials to help out. The remodel was kicked off when the current Roanoke Valley Regional Fire-EMS Recruit School showed up on day 1 to do some "deconstruction" and learn about building construction.

Since then, Graham and Mutter have relied on firefighters, police officers, and contractors who have generously given their time, skill, and labor to help with the remodel.

What they are having done is completely redesigning the master bath, making all interior doorways 36", adding a deck onto the existing one which runs the length of the house, and adding in a chair lift. The deck will offer immediate egress from the master bedroom via a new entry door installed. The deck will also have a chair lift from the ground up to it so Bryan can get to the second floor.

I understand that Timber Truss has donated a lot of lumber for the remodel as well.

So, heres to the guys who have been able to help thus far. If you would like to help, please contact Mutter or Graham, or even me and I will forward the message.

Roanoke crew returns from hurricane relief in Louisiana

Six members from Roanoke City's fire and police department and water authority are back after spending the last two weeks in Louisiana.

The crew went there to help with the clean up left behind from Hurricane Ike.

The volunteers were in Cameron Parish, which they say doesn't get a lot of attention because it's a small place with only 8,000 residents.(More)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Auxiliary Pumpkin Farm Trip

Hey guys,

I am a little late on this due to being busy, but it was posted and emailed out on the Local 1132 site. The Roanoke Firefighters Auxiliary is having a trip to the Layman Family Corn Maze today (Sunday) at 2pm. Check out the Local 1132 site for more (Link).

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Officer Bryan Lawrence's House

Scott Mutter posted the following comment, if you can help please contact him:

I know it's short notice. but if any one can go by the Contractors Yard and pick up 8-10 bags of
Quick-Crete #80lbs bags. We have 2 peer hole for the new deck at Officer Larwences house, that i need to get poured befor it rains tommorrow night. C shift is working so i cant get there to do it. You can put it on my account so you dont have to pay for it. So if their are a few guys that could help out with this please let me know. Thanks Scott Mutter 580-4771
Original Post below:
Scott Graham and Scott Mutter are currently seeking firefighters and others to assist in renovating Officer Bryan Lawrence's house. They had the recruit class out on Monday to do part of their building construction/destruction class. I understand they did one hell of a job. Scott Graham wrote an email which reads:
Hello Everyone, I am sending another email requesting help to renovate officer Brian Lawrence's house. We made great progress on the first day and we still need help especially if your on C-shift since Captain Mutter and myself are on C-Shift. We are working toward other days but for now we cannot do that. Please email or call my cell phone if you can help. The sooner the better. Thanks Scott Graham.
I believe that most of the days being worked are on A and B shift days currently. Please contact either Graham (1C) or Mutter (6C) if you would like to help. I remember almost 40 of us came out to help with the habitat for humanity houses after the hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico a couple years ago. This is a great way to give back to the community as well as showing the community at what great lengths we go to take care of each other. If you can't get a hold of either Graham or Mutter, send me an email, page, or phone call and I will get you in contact with them.

Thanks and God Bless

Monday, October 13, 2008

Play Golf Online for Jerry's Kids

I had the opportunity to speak with some of the IAFF/MDA members while at the IAFF Convention. I got to try out this new game they have begun on the World Golf Tour. The golf game is online and can be played from any computer. The cost is $10 to $30 depending on what you want to take a crack at. The proceeds go to the MDA through the IAFF. The IAFF is the largest contributer to the MDA last year raising $27 million. If you never have time to come out for fill the boot or any other MDA events that your Roanoke Valley Professional Fire Fighters put on, give this a chance. Click on the image below or I have also added a banner to the right. Game play stops on October 31st. Good luck.

The press release is below

MDA, World Golf Tour Host First Virtual

Charity Golf Tournament

IAFF Members Can Play in the “Jerry Lewis MDA Open”

to Fight Muscular Dystrophy

TUCSON, Ariz., Oct. 10, 2008 – The Muscular Dystrophy Association and World Golf Tour (WGT) today launched the first-ever Jerry Lewis MDA Open, an online charity golf tournament that benefits the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

The tournament, which runs through Oct. 31, will take place on WGT’s virtual high-definition (HD) re-creation of The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort in South Carolina and the Bali Hai Golf Club in Las Vegas. It features a leaderboard contest and sweepstakes drawing.

A special registration page has been created for IAFF members to allow the proceeds collected from members to be credited to IAFF’s annual donations to the Association. IAFF members can register at

"This is a great way for our fire fighters to compete, have fun and raise funds for ‘my kids’ all at the same time," said MDA National Chairman, Jerry Lewis.

YuChiang Cheng, CEO of World Golf Tour said, “We’re excited to offer a game for everyone to enjoy while contributing to this life-changing foundation. As the game of golf has a long history of philanthropic causes, World Golf Tour is brining that tradition to our online game,” explains Cheng.

Participants in the tournament’s Leaderboard contest compete for a Kiawah Island Golf Resort package for two; the second-place finisher will receive a golf package for two at Westin La Paloma Golf Resort in Tucson, Ariz.; and the third-place winner is awarded a set of TaylorMade golf clubs and bag.

For a suggested donation, players also can enter the sweepstakes drawing. The winner will receive a Las Vegas golf package for two, which includes a stay at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas and golf at Bali Hai Golf Course.

Funds raised from the tour help support MDA's programs of worldwide research, comprehensive health care services, advocacy and professional and public health education.

About Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)

MDA is a voluntary health agency working to defeat muscular dystrophy and related diseases. The Association's programs are funded almost entirely by individual private contributors.

For information about MDA services, go to

About IAFF

The IAFF has been an MDA national sponsor for 54 years. Its members have raised money for the fight against muscular dystrophy and related diseases through the annual Fill-the-Boot campaign, golf and softball tournaments, and other special events. Many fire fighters also contribute their time at MDA summer camps across the country. For more information on these programs, please visit

About World Golf Tour

San Francisco-based World Golf Tour™ ( (WGT) is the world’s most authentic online golf experience. WGT’s mission is to bring the golf lifestyle and game to everyone via the Web, making the sport accessible and affordable for all. The World Golf Tour experience allows golf enthusiasts to play the world’s most challenging and exclusive courses through superior HD graphics on a PC or Mac platform – for free, no download or software needed. WGT’s online community allows friends, families and golf fans to play a round of golf simultaneously, competing in tournaments for prizes, sharing scores, testing out the newest equipment and reading the latest news in the golfing world. For more information, please visit

AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka on Racism and Obama

AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Richard Trumka blasts racism and underlines why workers should vote Obama in 2008. Excerpt of speech given at Steelworkers convention July 1, 2008, sponsored by USW President Leo Gerard.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Roanoke City Deployment to Cameron Parish, Louisiana

The members of the Roanoke Deployment team are from right to left: Scott Agner (Water Authority), Audie Ferris (Fire-EMS), Alan Austin (Fire-EMS), Todd Reighley (Fire-EMS), Danny Brabham (Police), David Pope (Fire-EMS), and Paul Lynch (Fairfax Co. Building/Engineering) We are scheduled to return to Roanoke on October 19th.

Our team of 7 members is in Cameron Parish Louisiana,manning the Emergency Operations Center(EOC) for the Cameron Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness. We have been using the Emergency Support Function framework from FEMA ( to distribute responsibilities and manage the EOC. Our mission this time is different than during Hurricain Rita, who's members filled a more operational role. We are working 12 hours a day in the Emergency Operations Center supporting the Parish's recovery and we are housed on site. The EOC is located at the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, Cameron Prairie Wildlife Refugue's Head Quarters.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Paramedic to RN Transition Program

Information Session

For the on-line


Tuesday, November 4, 2008 at 11:00 A.M.

in the

Anderson Building

Room A-330

These sessions are open to all who are interested in obtaining information on the Commonwealth (on-line)

Paramedic to RN Transition Nursing Program.


For additional information contact:

Barbara Laird (804) 622-8725 /

Aretha Harris (804) 622-8727 /

Kent McIlhany 540-537-9962

Monday, October 06, 2008

Roanoke County FF in the Marine Corps Marathon

Barry Brown, a Roanoke County Firefighter, is running in the IAFF Burn Foundation Marine Corps Marathon. He is raising money for the IAFF Burn Foundation.Please take a minute to check out Roanoke County's website and give money for the worthwhile cause. At the right is a picture of Barry at the event in 2007.

Link to Roanoke County IAFF site

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Open Post on the Fire Officer Seminar

Some of you have expressed interest in having an open post to comment on the Fire Officer Seminar. Great idea. I thought the seminar was thought provoking and well worth the time. I know a lot of people put a lot of time in making it a success. I know a lot of guys/gals who were able to make it and was happy to see firefighters from all over the State of Virginia. I enjoyed myself and I look forward to the next one!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Senator Joe Biden and IAFF President Harold Schaitberger in Roanoke

This Event has been canceled. Thank you for all who were planning on attending.

Attention IAFF members in the Roanoke Valley and across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Harold Schaitberger will be in Roanoke with Senator Joe Biden on Sunday. The event will be held at Century Park Plaza across from the Historic #1 firehouse. You can get into the park by ticket at 11am, with Biden/Schaitberger appearing around 12 or 1230. If you would like to participate please contact Rhett Fleitz at or by cell phone 540-537-8158. The IAFF has secured 100 spots for us at this event and we will have t-shirts on hand for everyone attending. Please let us know if you would like to attend or if you are planning on attending. VPFF President Mike Mohler and others will also be in attendance.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008