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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Open Post on the Fire Officer Seminar

Some of you have expressed interest in having an open post to comment on the Fire Officer Seminar. Great idea. I thought the seminar was thought provoking and well worth the time. I know a lot of people put a lot of time in making it a success. I know a lot of guys/gals who were able to make it and was happy to see firefighters from all over the State of Virginia. I enjoyed myself and I look forward to the next one!


Anonymous said...

I would like to extend a sincere thanks, and a "job well done" to the staff that put together this seminar. It appeared to be well organized and you could alot of effort went in to it. I hope that this was the first of many more to come. One thing that I did notice though. The absence from the list of sponsoring vendors was the outfit from North Carolina that we seem to buy almost everything from. There was a sponsoring vendor that can't sell to us because of potential "conflict of interest", another that sells a breathing apparatus that no one in the immediate Roanoke Valley uses, but the one that we buy tens of thousands of dollars of products from was not listed. Hmmmmm. Again, kudos to those who organized this event.

Craig Sellers

Anonymous said...

I have heard that it was a pretty good seminar, I did not attend, i was working on my day off.and my kids had games for me to attend saturday. But i have heard that all 3 Chiefs attended on Friday, my question is why wouldnt they have gone on saturday(their day off). If its ok for us to go for free why cant they. Also did Chief 1&2 win the helmet raffle? did they really keep them or give them back?

Anonymous said...

Thats a good damn point! If we were not allowed to go while on the Cities dollar, why were the Chiefs allowed to go while they were getting paid?

Same ol bull shit,

Anonymous said...

The reason they came on Friday is because they weren't doing anything in the office. Why do you think they show up on fires.

Anonymous said...

The seminar was great. I thank the training division for setting this up and look forward to next year. Both instructors were really good. As for the Chiefs attending on Friday. who really cares. They are chief officers, there are certain perks to the position. I would dare say that if some of you complaining were in their shoes you would have done the same thing.

Disgruntled Lt. said...

Here are KUDOS to the guys who set it all up.From the Training Chiefs on down. It was informative and eye opening. There are things we can do better,and stuff we do well that were made apparent by these gentlemen. Looking forward to next year. Yes,the chiefs won the helmets. I personally saw Ralph bring his back and offer it up to be re-raffled to someone who would use it. But Chief Slayton won it instead...LOL.

Anonymous said...

"disgruntled it" i'm sorry but you are WRONG! Ralph brought his helmet back to trade it for a "white" one. C. W. Williams didnt donate any but Baggs said he'd swap colors if need be (all 3 came from him, 2 Friday, 1 Saturday). Ralph didnt hesitate. He was there early the next am but only to trade out. Chief Ho on the other hand did say that he was going to hold his own drawing from City participants and give his back to the men. I somewhat dont understand not just giving it to the whole session for a re-draw but none the less, he is going to give it to the men (city only). Neither one of them needs a helmet anyway.. heres to someone getting it who will actually use / need it!

Anonymous said...

My apologizes, I was incorrect.I saw Ralph with it talking to Bags and I thought he was being magnumious. Should have known better. Disgruntled Lt.

Jen said...

Rhett - I'm surprised this topic hasn't made it onto your blog...

Anonymous said...

Jen-if you actually READ the blog-you'd see that the topic you're referring to has been discussed hundreds of times.

Anonymous said...

magnumious ? ? ?


The Self Dispatchers said...

Beans and cornbread is the meal of the day
Whats up with our Fu&*n pay!

Too many of the Chiefs are here to stay
A new job to seek I may.

Maybe I'll get promoted if I hang out with the chief in the bay
7:50 is almost here...hurray!!

Anonymous said...

the heart of a fool is in his mouth, but the mouth of a wise man is in his heart.

Richard Saunders

Anonymous said...

the word you are looking for is magnanimous
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1 :showing or suggesting a lofty and courageous spirit (the irreproachable live and magnanimous sufferings of their followers-Joseph Addison)

2 :showing or suggesting nobility of feeling and genersity of mind (too sencere for dissimulation, too magnanimous for resentment- Ellen Glasgow)

mag-nan-i-mous-ly adverb
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