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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Budget Saga Continues

Tonight there will be an interview on Channel 10 sometime either 5, 5:30, 6, or 11. Watch it. I will not be able to watch it until later on the internet.

There will be an article in the paper tomorrow.

Channel 7 and the Roanoke Times reported that the City Council has agreed to the Budget with the exception of adding the funds in to resurface the Eureka park tennis courts. City Council still has to vote on the budget on Monday.

I don't think disappointed covers it, but I am disappointed.


Anonymous said...

This is typical of Podunk Roanoke. You have clueless people making decisions that could effect our lives, and they are basing there decision on a Chief's recommendation. A
Chief that was never a Firefighter, never a Lt. Never a Captain of a firefighting company. I guess he got his expertise from sitting outside of fires and watching from his ambulance.

Anonymous said...


All I can really say is this: No matter what any politician or chief says about cuts not affecting service, I know that in the past year I have worked on a day where I have been on the ONLY engine company left in service in Roanoke City.

I sure am glad 13 Engine was still in service that day.

We shouldn't plan for the fires on the days where everyone is already in quarters, we should plan for the days where all hell breaks loose - thats when we stand the most chance of losing a brother or sister.

Anonymous said...

From the "Roanoke Times"

Councilman Brian Wishneff campaigned in part on restoring the fire-EMS department's budget, but he left the council meeting before the discussion occurred.

"Obviously I would not have been able to sway the day," Wishneff said later in the day.

I guess since he didn't get elected, he decided to go ahead and show his true colors now...

Anonymous said...

Capt. Sellers Said it best....who isn't looking forward to the opportunity to leave at the earliest opportunity!!!!Just another example of decisions made by a governing body that truly does not care about the safety of its citizens or its employees entrusted with protecting the city. My hat is off to the City least she is willing to stand up for her employees and what is right...when are we going to have a leader thats willing to draw a line in the sand and say this is enough? Not before I'm long gone I am quite certain.


Anonymous said...

The city doesn't look out after us period! And then we get an email asking to conserve gas and cut off lights and look out after them. Screw it, i'll take the longest route to the store, then when I get there, i'll leave it idling until we're done shopping. I'll go ride territory everyday. Hell we'll go get lunch in the morning, then make another run to get dinner around 3pm. I'll leave every light in the station on. It'll look like yankee stadium!! I'll dry dry clothes in the dryer multiple times. I'll have the oven on all day cooking nothing. I'll have the heat set on 80 and the ac set on 60. I tell ya what, i'll start conserving resources when the city gets rid of chief cars and city credit cards. As long as yall are wasting money on dumb shit, then I will to!!

p.s.- this place is a joke, 'bout as screwed up as a $3 bill

Anonymous said...

octavia can voice her opinion because she is elected not appointed like the police chief and fire chief. ours still has to fear for his job by big red.