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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Video from the Future

I can see it now. In an effort to ensure response times and to make sure not to be proven wrong after making cuts that he said will not change a thing, the Fire Chief and others beat the streets to stop traffic to get the fire apparatus to calls on time.

Here is a look into the future.

And of course we have to talk about the increase in fees. More than likely, we don't have enough firefighters to adequately attack a highrise fire. Furthermore, we are becoming a fee for service department. Therefore I give you a view of our department in the future...again. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. If the city of Roanoke could do that, they wouldn't have any budget for more firefighters, but they would hire about 21 auctioneers.

Anonymous said...

the video of the leap frogging chief is scarey - wow - what was it they said in evoc about that kind of behavior? the second vehicle through the light usually gets plowed.

Anonymous said...

"what the hell's a Texas Mountie doing in Arkansas?"

Fire Gear Repair Guy said...

I like that video of the fire chief "protecting" his apparatus. It is scary that stuff like this goes on. Sorry to hear about the cuts in Roanoke. I have been through your city several times, it is a beautiful place, I hate to see it ruined by budget cuts to the safety forces. Unfortunately this is the first place politicians cut, because the people will feel it.