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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Fire on Thirlane

Fire on Thirlane Road the other day. I was working for Doug Hurd when we caught this fire. I will come out and say that I made a huge but not very costly mistake and learned my lesson. I reversed out from Engine 10 to a hydrant laying 900 feet of 5" hose on the ground. The mistake was that there was one 200' away from Engine 10 that I didn't see. Lesson learned.
Click here or on the picture for more photos by Drew Abel.


Anonymous said...

Nice stop guys, and don't sweat it Rhett. Gaurd rails aren't see through. It can happen to any of us any time.

Anonymous said...

Don't do drugs, Stay in school, Wear your AIRPACK

Anonymous said...

Calm down and look around next time. You'll be ok.

FireFleitz said...

That was part of the problem. I did look around. From the ground and distance I was standing, you could not see the hydrant behind the guardrail. I also could not remember a hydrant outside the fence of UPS. I did know where the ones inside were, but that was no help.

Anonymous said...

See Heidi, that's what ya get for making fun of J-Rod's mistakes!!


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