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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Roanoke Loves a Strong Union

You should read this post on another blog and then you should comment. Before you comment, read my comment on the post. I have put a little below, but the guy doesn't know what he is talking about. If you have ever posted a comment on this blog, you should leave a comment on his. I suggest you kill him with kindness or speak above him, neither of which should be very hard.

Here is an excerpt from the post over at The World To Muse While Waiting For Roanoke (link)

Roanoke Firefighters have made their opinions clear concerning the proposed budget but I thought there was a reason we have a position with the title 'Fire-EMS Department Chief'. Roanoke City Council asked Department Chief David Hoback for recommendations concerning budget cuts for Fire-EMS. He gave Council his recommendations.
Six Firefighter jobs should be eliminated.

And of course say hello to The Firefighters Union...
They reject this idea saying the public will suffer with fewer Fire Fighters.
I can't speak on the mathematical correlation between total number of citizens, density of living space, placement of Fire Stations, necessary equipment and personnel to secure and safely protect a city of Roanoke's dimensions but I bet I know someone who does.
I would ask The Department Chief.


Anonymous said...

Doesnt seem like you guys down there have a union with any voice at all. I like to think that Ive got an open mind to these types of issues and certainly if your union has any strengh you could save the jobs pretty easily.
If your union cannot even save the jobs being lost then what do they do?
Northern VA

Anonymous said...

Play golf,drink and frequent strip joints! It's a blast.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a social club??? Pretty sad to hear thats all they do in a crisis like what you guys have going on.
Northern VA

Anonymous said...

Hope your golf game is going good while you are losing and engine and 6 posistions.

FireFleitz said...

Sorry I didn't get back to reply to you in time. I was busy playing golf, drinking, and frequenting strip joints.(sarcasm)

That is all I have had time for recently.(more sarcasm)

I was gonna give a detailed explanation of what has transpired down here but I have a tee time to get to. (even more sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

So Rhett, Have you heard anything more from this misguided citizen?

Anonymous said...

Sorry it took so long to get back....I too have a life and can only visit this blog every so often.
Im just surprised that your local cannot save ANY of the jobs being lost?? I realize that strip clubs and golf are an important part to one's sanity but jeez, jobs are on the line as well as your safety. It sounds like the Chief recognizes your Union has no voice and City Council clearly sees your Union has no voice. What exactly are you guys doing??
Our Union gets us guaranteed raises each year, better retiremet benefits, and so on.....hope you have fun in the strip clubs. Im sure the guys on E13 will enjoy wherever they end up.