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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fire on 6th Street Southeast

Roanoke Firefighters battle a house fire in Southeast Roanoke.
One homeowner is reported to be injured as well as one Firefighter taken to the hospital.

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UPDATE: One firefighter suffered from possible heat exhaustion/dehydration at the scene and is at RMH now recovering.


Anonymous said...

While you are putting your life on the line City Council has stood by the budget cuts - Roanoke Times Breaking News:


Tomos said...

Well no shit they did. Why would anyone have expected anything different?? The only people who really care about our well being are the people whose lives we've touched and/or saved. Everyone is getting overly excited about taking a stance against the budget cuts but our opinion matters ZERO. Why dont we give it a rest for awhile and save our energy for battles we may be able to win?

This budget battle is pointless because the decisions were made long ago and nobody....I mean nobody cares about what our input is. Sad I know, but its true.

Anonymous said...

While brave men were inside fighting fire, a non-certified officer was outside, doing nothing. You heard right,NON-CERTIFIED.A chief was riding the seat of engine 1 in order to save on overtime costs, the problem being that this chief has never taken firefighter 1. Check the red alert records yourself,if you don't believe me. Not to mention that he never even had on his mask yesterday. No wonder our leadership is against us, they are jealous of us because they can't or won't hold themselves to the same standards we are held to.

Anonymous said...

What's a matter6,,,,TOOOO HOT????


Anonymous said...

on a more positive note I would like to say It is great to she Scooter back in action. I am also glad Price is ok and that it wasn't something alot worse. Watch your ass out there guys.

Anonymous said...

Guys get your facts straight...Chief Altman had his mask on. He was with me inside. I dont know about his certs. And E-6 came on the radio and told dispatch there was to much clutter not to much fire. Dispatch or "Control" came back and said "too much fire". I was there I heard it. Let's stop spreading the negativity especially on matter that you have no clue on. Ask someone there...don't assume or go by what others say.

Anonymous said...

Price? hurt on a fire call? no way. couldn't be..glad you are ok, but son, drink some damn water.