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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Roanoke Firefighters in the News

Local Heroes Receive Awards

WSLS NewsChannel 10
Nov 7, 2007

The Roanoke Kiwanis Club recognized four Roanoke Fire-EMS workers for their heroic deeds. David Lucas, Jeff Proulx, Alan Mitchell and Adam Fleming came to the rescue when an ambulance burst into flames at the Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital last June.

Proulx said, "As soon as they pulled in, you could just hear a loud, bang, explosion. Turned around and the back doors were opening up, and you could just see smoke coming out."

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The news coverage of the awards was great. All four firefighters were interviewed at the old station 1 did a great job on camera.


Captain Willie Wines Jr. wrote an article that I think all of you should read. It is up on and the direct link is here.

This is an excerpt:

Today, despite all we’ve learned and all our advancements, we are still killing firemen due to temporal distortion, reluctance to relinquish control of ones situation, channeled attention, loss of situational awareness, fear of the unknown, fear of retribution, lack of procedural knowledge, attempting to fix the problem, pride or denial. What makes this problem even worse is the fact that situations constituting a MAYDAY have expanded as well (or these situations just haven’t been seen as MAYDAYs all along). My Department was very recently hit with the tragic loss of a young Captain....

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Engine 13 and 5, Medic 4, and RS-1 ran an overturned vehicle yesterday. Click the picture for the story.


Anonymous said...

very nice article Captain, I think it hits home w/ all of us.

Anonymous said...

Wow, very well written Capt. Good job on the recent articles and keep it up. Always did learn a thing or two from you!

Anonymous said...

Great articles from the Capt.

Great read, someone get him his own website ...

Anonymous said...

I second that. Great article Willie. cs

Anonymous said...

If "Little Willie" is old-school? What does that make me? I can remember when Willie was a scrawney kid with a 10 gallon hat and a belt buckle you could serve a turkey on, who would make a bi-weekly trip to the fire station for his dad to fix his truck or for some money. "Big Willie", in true fatherly fashion, always came through. All kidding aside (Willie seems to be getting his share lately) the article is excellent. Gives everyone who takes their job seriously something to think about. Good job!
Craig Sellers

Anonymous said...

Great article Capt. You should send this through to Fire-house or Enginerring.

Nice job!!

Anonymous said...

Craig, that must make us old, old school then because I also remember that scrawney kid coming to the firehouse to see "POP". And he is still wearing those 10 gallon hats and buckles you can eat a turkey off of.
Great article Lil Willie, I just hope everyone takes it to heart and learns from it.

Anonymous said...

is that Kenny Walker or Kevin Taylor in that picture?