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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I noticed that today was a lot busier traffic on the Roanoke Fire Blog than usual. I figure it is because you guys are looking for who got promoted maybe. I know that unofficial word is circulating the department. Maybe the memo listing the promotions is lost with the memo announcing the promotions (was I the only one to notice that there wasn't any notice?). Anyways, I don't want to hurt anyones feelings if I am wrong so I won't list the unofficial list of promotions.

The promotions are official:

Clayton Martin
Phil Dillon

1st Lt.
Ellen Bender
Clarence Turpin

Robert Reid
Dan Goodwin
Greg McCoy
Brian Adkins

Congratulations to all.


Anonymous said...

Capt. Martin & Dillon
1st Lt. Bender and Turpin
Lts. Adkins McCoy Ried & Goodo
Thats what Iam gettin?

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all. It is good to see that Martin got his stripe back. Will the vacated BC position be filled off the current list?

Anonymous said...

Which BC position needs to be filled??

FireFleitz said...

The newly formed EMS Battalion Chief has been vacated.

Anonymous said...

I thought that was McIlhany's position? Has he left? or been demoted or what is up with this?

Anonymous said...

Told to step down or they would step him down.

Anonymous said...

who next on the BC list thats qualified for that position?

Anonymous said...

the powers at be will probably push her on up past capt and into that BC position

Anonymous said...

What happened to Craft and Russell!!!

Anonymous said...

They took one in the #$%@&*%$#@!!!!