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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Gary Fisher leaves Roanoke for Iraq

Gary Fisher is leaving the Department to work in Iraq for a year. Currently working at 10 C-shift, Fish had worked at 13 A and 5 C during his career in the Department. Fish plans on coming back to the department once he fullfills his 1 year contract in Iraq. He will be working as a firefighter on base just as Todd Reighley and B.T. Butler have. I had the enjoyment of working with Fish at 10 when I was on the ARFF crew. Fortunately, Fisher will be making big money when he is in Iraq. Unfortunately, there is a war going on. I guess someone needs to make the cheese. I just don't get why we don't make 100k+ a year here in Roanoke (sarcasm).

Fisher is no stranger to war, he spent several years overseas in the Marines including Iraq. Apparently he liked the area enough to go back. Maybe he knows something we don't. Then again, maybe we know something he doesn't.

His last day at work is today, Sunday the 18th. Stop in and say goodbye if you get a chance.

Have fun and be safe in Iraq. You know where to check in on us.


Anonymous said...

good luck in dirka dirka land Fish. Make sure you save a little of that money for when you get back. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Fish might be able to finally pass his EMT-I in the year he is over there, then come back as our new BC of EMS.

Salete Lemos said...

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Good luck!

Anonymous said...

just don't catch sand crabs

Jebadiah said...

Good Luck Fish, It is definatly an experience over here. Let me know when you boots hit the ground and if you need anything.

Anonymous said...

Fish, you just cant get enough can you? Good luck man and stay safe.

Chuck Sharp

Anonymous said...

Get the materials before departure

Writer 7.1

Anonymous said...

Just remember to stop drinking more than two hours before your coming back physical. HA HA

Anonymous said...

Thats funny right there!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say good luck and be safe. Allso wanted to ask a question,do your guys who leave to take a contract job in Iraq get their jobs back whene they come back??! In my dept they have to quit.We have had several do this and most are back now but none of them have been re-hired..nor will they be...the exutive attitude around here is ok..good luck..but if you quite dont expect to have a job here whene you get back.