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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Firefighters get together before the Brad Paisley Concert

This past weekend, several firefighters got together at Logan's Roadhouse to enjoy a meal before going to the Brad Paisley Concert. The firefighters received tickets to the concert for free. Roanoke Fire-EMS was given a bunch of tickets, which they distributed on a first call basis. I am not sure how many tickets there were available, but I do know that several firefighters were able to go. While I did not go to the concert, it seems as though everyone had a great time.

Left to right are: Back row: Matt Wheeling, guest of Travis Meador, Travis Meador, Willie Wines Jr., Scott Boone, Ben O'Baugh. Front Row: Wheelings Guest, Randi Wines, Reba Wines, Robin Wines, Boone's Wife, Rhett Fleitz. I apologize for not remember the guests/wives/girlfriends names.


Anonymous said...

Yeeeeee-Haawwwwww. I wonder which one tried to ridet the mechanical bull?

Anonymous said...

Who the hell are they? The only one I know is Wines.

FireFleitz said...

I added the names of the ones I know.

Anonymous said...

the one that wears the pants in Wheelings household is Nicole