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Friday, October 05, 2007

The Ride for Billy Altman is tomorrow

Here is the information:

October 6 Charity Ride for Billy Altman
Motorcycle Ride to benefit the Altman Family Fund.

* 10am
* Va Dept of Fire Programs
* $10 per bike/$5 per passenger
* For information: Donald Hansen 531-7460 or


Anonymous said...

both of you guys please be careful!! its hard to see 2 motorcycles

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they will stop by Benningtons house and pound a few nails? This ride is about helping a BROTHER out right?

Anonymous said...

Obenchain, Altman , Bishop, and Bennington? Who cares what the needs may be! If you are a true man stop being so selfish as we have seen recently and help each other out and do good, pull this department together and put personel agendas aside regardless of the man beside you and be the man you should be, put each other before the department and your paycheck, and you will be a richer man for doing this.

Anonymous said...

WELL SAID !!!!!!!