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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Captain David Heck is Laid to Rest

Captain David Heck was laid to rest today. Firefighters from across the Roanoke Valley were on hand to show their respect for David, his family, and his friends.

I would like to take a minute to thank the Chiefs of Roanoke City, Roanoke County, and Salem for assisting in this event. It is testament to the brotherhood here in the valley. I would like to especially thank the 4 firefighters from the Lynchburg Fire Department who came and played the bagpipes. I was able to hold it together until the pipes played and the bells tolled.

The Honor Guard was exceptional at all of the services. Many thanks to The members of Salem's Honor Guard and Roanoke County's Honor Guard for helping out the City. I hope to see you guys working together more in the future.

Through this unfortunate event, Roanoke's Firefighters have been placed on an emotional roller coaster. Coping with this tragedy has been tough for many of us. I believe that we will be talking about the good times over coffee for some time.

The Heck family is extremely proud of David's Brother and Sister Firefighters. Jana, David's wife, took a minute at the funeral service to speak of all the love and compassion she has witnessed the past several days. She was sure to point out how overwhelmed she was by the support of David's Fire Department Family. It was a heartfelt thank you to all of us who have assisted the family to this point and in the future. She was especially thankful for the assistance of David Bocock and Dennis Duncan who have been great friends with David over the years.

Jana knows that if she needs anything in the future, all she has to do is call.

If you would like to read more about David and see more pictures of the Funeral Services click the picture below.

God Bless the Heck Family


Anonymous said...

I spoke to the family after the service and they were so grateful for everything that the fire-ems community has done for them and for the beautiful service that gave Jana and their kids wonderful memories of Dave. I also want to thank each and everyone for the calls made to me. It has been a tough couple of days but the calls of concern for me has made it easier. I have never been so proud than I am now to be a member of the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department and a member of the fire-ems community in the area. The Honor Guard, the "pipes" from Lynchburg, and the over all support that was given to the family. We are a "special breed" and there is nothing that can take that away from us.
"Cartman" had a lot of good in him. One of the best medics I have ever had the pleasure of working with; he loved what he did and he thought a lot of the department and even though we all have our opinions concerning the circumstances that brought us together I think we can all agree that we are better for knowing Dave, I know I am and I know that I will miss him. I also know that with each other and that was made very clear to me these last few days is that there is nothing we can't overcome. I love each and everyone of you guys and gals and again I cannot express enough how much your calls meant to me. Sorry for the rambling but I didn't get a chance to personally thank each of you.


Anonymous said...

Great to see the this department come together and leave all the shift bickering behind. Also good to see the support from the county, Salem, and Lynchburg.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone who came to offer support to Janna and the kids despite how they may have felt at the time and circumstances that we were left to deal with. This was a memory that will be left in the mind of Alex, Hecks 8 year old daughter and one that she and her mother can tell Evan and Jacob about when they are older. Thanks for all the calls and messages made to my home, and thanks to Travis, for the words you wrote on your blog( That put a lot in perspective, and helped me over the hump Thanks again Trav) Thank you BO! For everything- I'm buying. I miss the department more than ever, and this was the main reason why. The way everyone came together. What a Family! I am proud to have once been a part of you, and the lasting friendships I have made will never fade away, I love you all and GOD BLESS YOU!
Dennis G. Duncan

Anonymous said...

We miss you too Dennis. Always hate to see the good ones leave.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you...from the depths of my heart and soul, I can never thank you enough for all that you have done and will do. I saw a city truck on a call yesterday and thought, there goes my family. My prayers for your healing go up. My words of thanksgiving go up. My praises for all of the good you do go up. God bless you all.
Jana Heck