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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

IAFF Pumpkin and Pumpkins at Station 9

Travis Collins created an IAFF Pumpkin and Station 9 created a Medic and Engine Pumpkin for their station.

Check them out here.


Anonymous said...

how cute. i think they have way too much time on their hands.

FireFleitz said...

Yeah time for station pride, crew camaraderie, enjoying the job, or positive public relations. Apparently you don't know anything about that kind of stuff huh?

I think it is great. Keep up the good work guys.

Anonymous said...

Not just station pride, but pride for the JOB! These guys bought those pumpkins and candy with our own money.. they were not city issued. They carved the pumpkins (as a group...a COMPANY) and then sat out front with them. They handed out candy to a good 20-30 trick-or-treaters and we received several positive comments from parents. We interacted with the community when something wasn't on fire or someone shot, sick or hurt. It makes no sence to me that in todays society folks have to take the kids to the mall on Halloween to be in a safe enviroment. It used to be that the stations in Roanoke had stores inside (run by the firemen). They sold milk, bread, candy etc. A place the neighborhood (adults and kids) could and did come if for nothing else but to sit and chat. What we did was along the same lines. THIS (NW Roanoke) is our neighborhood.. WE LIVE HERE. Call it what you will..too much time on our hands, pride, public service / relations etc. I call it a FIREHOUSE! Capt. Wines

Anonymous said...

Amen Captain Wines

Anonymous said...

You can say what you want about Capt. Wines. I will have to say he has always tried to instill a sense of company pride in his men and a good working rapport with the public.
I have worked under him at 2 different assignments, and once the work for the day, and the training was completed. We always spent time together as a company/family. That my friends is the way to inspire your men, not by flashing you bugles in their faces proclaiming your in charge! CF