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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Artists video rendering of an FDNY Firefighter

This is a pretty cool video of an artist creating an awesome painting. Thanks to Scott Fritz for the heads up on this.


Anonymous said...

That really is pretty cool. Dude really gets into his work. I wonder if thats what they look like throwing all of our names at the station assignment board downtown?

Anonymous said...

that was flipping crazy, got to be the best painter i have ever seen in action. kind of messy guy thought isnt he?

Anonymous said...

It's called passion, and the painter has tons of it. That has to be one of the most moving videos I have ever seen. I wish everyone would do their thing with the raw intensity that the artist displayed. He just did what he felt was right, knowing that it would be great when he was done.

Mike Overacker
RFD Lieutenant - Retired