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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blitz attack on Bennington's House

This Thursday and Friday, October 25th and 26th, Firefighters will be working at Bennington's house. If you would like to help, please show up or contact Captain Willie Wines Jr. at #9 tomorrow to work on Thursday, and Captain Todd Stone at #1 today or Wednesday to help on Friday.

It is reported that News Channel 10 will be there on one of the two days to do a story on how the Firefighters are helping Jeremy finish his house. It would be great to see a lot of firefighters out there. Somebody please take some pictures.

You do not have to be skilled in a trade to help. Some of the work that will be getting done is building the garage (remember it is a log home and log garage), hard wood flooring installed, trim work inside and outside, as well as numerous other odd jobs here and there.

Jeremy appreciates all of the help he has gotten to this point. I believe that if we have enough people on these two days, we will be able to complete the job by November 11th.

Todd Reighley wrote:
If you can figure it I will cover lunch and drinks for both days. Don’t know if the union would authorize use of a credit card and I can cut a reimbursement check or If you can find one central lunch provider, I can call in and cover it with my CC. I would come out and throw down, but the 6,800 miles is a bit of a commute. Plus I wouldn’t make it back in time for morning roll call. Let me know what you figure out, I would like to lend a hand and thank the guys for pitching in.

So you guys work it out and get back to Todd.
Meanwhile, I am on vacation, out of town. If you need me, email me.



DFD1804 said...

Thanks for checking out our blog! We would really like it if you could design us a banner~I am still learning the ins and outs of this site~I am waiting on some of the guys to get some pictures to me and then I will forward them off to you! Thanks for your help! Take care and be safe!


Anonymous said...

I will be at the roanoke county Admin building during the day on thur. give Scott alford a call at station 1 during the day or me after 6pm at station 1 if you can help on friday. thanks Todd Stone

Anonymous said...

Anyone think Shannon is in the wrong place? Hey Todd can you have some grilled camel sent over to Jeremys??? .....and it might be 6800 miles to Roanoke but its 7000 to Eagle Rock!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bennington, i hear that you did not get the floors finished today. I was able to repair my nail gun, give me a call and i will come back up tuesday,to finish them for you.. Mutter

KJ said...

Dear Rhett,

It's been awhile. I seen your pic on the Danville Fire Blog and I said to myself," I know that girl." Now that I am single I would like to take you out. I can be reached on the blog.

Ken Jones
Vice President DFPPA

FireFleitz said...

Sorry Ken,

I only date married firefighters. Ha.Good to see the danville FF's blog.

Anonymous said...

When is the next work day at Jeremy's house?? I went over the mtn this morning around 8am waited about 2 hours and a no show,would have called someone but no damn phone service. Oh well i should have called before i left the house. Let me know when and what time. thanks Todd Stone

FireFleitz said...


I just got off the phone with Jeremy, he was talking to the bank this morning. We will be working this weekend for sure. If that happens again, His family currenlty lives with his inlaws at the end of the driveway (straight instead of going up his hill).

Sorry about the confusion. We will be trying to get several people out this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.