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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Roanoke Fire-EMS gets Diesel Exhaust Systems

From Lt. Baron Gibson:

After many years of asking fire administration for it, installation has begun of a diesel exhaust system for our department. Station 14 was the first and will be completed mid week. Station 6 was started on Sat. July 07 and will be operational the week of July 16 with station 11 to follow . The rest of the department will be completed in the next couple of months. A committee headed by Capt. Matt dewhirst and assisted by Lt. Rhett Fleitz and myself was formed in the fall of 2005 to assess the different systems on the market. This was a fairly extensive study with the committee traveling to several departments out of state. The committee decided that Nederman was the system for us. We applied for a Fire Act Grant and recieved it in 2006.


Anonymous said...

Very Nice!! Good job guys, one question? Does every station in the city get it??You know how rumors are, i was told the New one was not getting it cause we had the big fancy fans in the wall, the big fans that i have not see work yet.?? Thanks

Anonymous said...

"You get a brand new station and you still bitch!"

Anonymous said...

Hey Dumb ass!!! No one is bitching just asking a question,but OUR union worked on this for OUR Safety!!! and its stupid if they dont put it in all stations!

Anonymous said...

Yep, Your right. you aren't going to get them.

There is a negative pressure vortex around the new station.

This is created from all the sucking going on with administration upstairs.

That is why you new fans don't work now!