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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Collective Bargaining...the work continues

By far the most important issue to most of my brother and sister firefighters is the collective bargaining bill that just passed through the House with tremendous support. In case you were wondering who didn't support it look here.

The IAFF has been placing an enormous amount of resources towards getting this Bill passed in both the House and the Senate. The goal is to get enough sponsors to make the vote veto proof. You can follow along on the IAFF website here.

Some of you guys have asked what the Bill actually will afford us. The answer is this: The bills establish minimum standards for state collective bargaining laws. I am sure there will be issue with how different sides of the fence interpret the standards.

The video below sums up the testimony from several proponents of the Bill.

Here is another one


Anonymous said...

Since we live in a commonwealth state, how will this help us?

Anonymous said...

It helps us because the laws of the state do not supercede Federal Law. Federal laws apply to all states, and Virginia's desire to hold onto the last vestiges of slavery will hopefully be put to rest, at least for public safety. A "Right to work" state is just another name for a slavery state. The workers have no rights and the corporations have all the rights.

Anonymous said...

I say Bull! You have the ability to get an education, improve your worth to an employer and switch to any employer who is willing to pay you more.

Problem is that you have to work hard and not be a slacker. Union = Slacker!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bull,

You have no idea what you are talking about. Right now, in Virginia, you can get all the education in the world, work your tail off, and because your employer doesn't like where you are born, or what you look like, they can hold you back, or fire you. If you consider that fair, then, in my opinion, you're an idiot. I find that attitude completely unfair, and I prohibit its practice in my firms.
Also, because you make the connections of Union = Slacker tells me that you are a bigot, judge people by who they associate with, not who they are, and that just bolsters my opinion that you, sir, are an idiot. I have Union Shops in many of my plants, and I have had very little trouble in finding common ground with the workforce. We have never had a strike, and our production numbers are among the highest in our industry.
On top of that, you are the worst kind of employee that any company could have, because you say that you will jump ship for someone who will pay you more. That means no loyalty. Why should a company show you any loyalty by increasing your pay, when all you want is more pay? Have you ever considered the concept of an honest days wage for an honest days work? I doubt it. Your attitude would make you completely useless in any of my corporations.
Just in case you are wondering where I am coming from, I support firefighters whenever I can, especially firefighters that are paid to do their job, and take pride in that job. Our board is considering expanding operations in the Roanoke Valley. I was told of this website, and to check out how the people in the area think, and I must say, if the majority think like you, I am not impressed. I will be passing my finding on to our board.
And, by the way, the way to make money is not to get a bunch of education and work for the highest salary. The way to make the real money is to own the Corporation.