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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


In an effort to keep this site as professional as possible, which has been increasingly difficult recently, I have removed the "anonymous" capability of posting comments. Now you have to register with blogger in order to post comments. You do not have to create a blog, just a username. Hopefully, this will hinder the "childish" comments from being posted. If that doesn't work, there are other alternatives. These other alternatives aren't as harsh as breaking legs, rather it would require me to moderate comments prior to them being published.

I let the rather juvenile comments go long enough, and I have realized that even with this site which gives the "Roanoke Firefighters" a chance to showcase themselves on the Internet you guys will inevitably ruin a good thing.

Now, if you have something to say it will require you to invest a little time and energy in signing up to say it. Hopefully, this will thwart the comments which are better left muttered under your breathe.

I apologize to the people who enjoyed leaving comments on this site which were insightful, constructive, and positive.

When I started this site, my intention wasn't to create something I would have to babysit. Actually, I was hoping to create a site that the Roanoke Firefighters would embrace as their own and use as a tool to voice a professional opinion occasionally on topics that I post on.

You may be thinking that I have offered my opinion on this site often and you don't always agree with it. You are right, I have. However, I have always signed my name to it. I don't think that half of the recent comments would have been typed if you had to sign your name to them. Do you?


firephotos said...

This is probably a good idea. It will, no doubt, reduce the number of comments on the site, but it should bring a small amount of control to the banter.

Keep up the good work.


Jen said...

Hi Rhett

I've posted here before w/o a name, not sure why, but anyway. Hi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, insights, photos, updates etc!

Be safe and have fun with your book signing this weekend.


FireFleitz said...

It isn't a big deal to post on here anonymously. The problem is that I believe that the loose constraints allowing many to post whatever they want created too many stupid and unnecessary comments.