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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Roanoke Firefighters battle fire in SW

Mike Overacker was on scene taking some really great photographs. I have the story and photos on, and Mike has some more photos on


RoanokeFound said...

I thought you were no longer supposed to give the quadrant?

Back to the Airport with you!

Stephen said...

That is an awesome photo! Nothing else to say.

Fire Gear Repair, Cleaning, and Inspection

StarGazer said...

Thank you Stephen. It was one of those scenes that seemed to present some really unique opportunities to photograph the firefighters. As usual, they had the fire under control long before I was able to get there. I do like to photograph the fires, when possible, but my real goal is to try to photograph the guys and gals out there doing the job, and doing it well. I feel that the firefighters and medics of the Roanoke Fire/EMS Department take a back seat to no one in there skills and devotion to their job. I worked with some of the best firefighters to ever walk the face of this earth, and I feel a need to express what they see and do to everyone so those who are not capable of the difficult job of being a firefighter can get a sense of the trials, difficulties, and comraderie of our noble profession. Hopefully, I will get more opportunities to show the great work that our firefighters do.

Mike Overacker
Roanoke Fire/EMS Lieutenant (Retired)