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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Best Retirement Speech

If you are just joining in today, be sure to read the posts below.

I detailed a decent rant for you all, several issues discussed; click for more.

I also documented Scooters return home and a fire in Northwest the other day; click for more.

Scroll to the bottom of the post if you are a recruit.

This video below (those of you at work will not be able to watch on City computers) is a decent view of a Retirement party for a coworker that even the Chief decided to attend. The retiree is a cop, but that is not important. I found the video on

You have to watch the video in its entirety, trust me it is worth it. The banter between the retiree and the Chief and Captain is priceless. Even the Chief's wife catches feelings.

I have been asked several times over the years why one guy gets a big retirement party and another gets a small one. Well the answer is that it has been accustom for the guys who work with the retiree, or other peers of the retiree put the event on. I will be honest with you. It seems as though you can base how much people like someone by the amount of people at their retirement party. Sure, it can be skewed by certain details which disallow others to be at the event, but it is a good measure.

Think about that if you are one of those boot-lickers. It is much better to be respected and get promoted based on merit, than to be despised and suck your way to wherever you are going.

As for the rookies just getting out of the Academy, I will steer you to this post that I put up a couple of recruit schools ago. I think it is a worthwhile read. Click here for the link, the post is simply titled "Recruit".


Anonymous said...

what a bad ass

Anonymous said...

loved it. Yeah I am done with all the ass kissers in this department and you know now they come out of rookie school all puckered up. The guy who is not scared to stand up to admin is the guy I would follow. I tell you sounds to me that his PD and our FD have the same admin. Promotions go to the best bootlicker and not the best for the job. Somethings in this dept need to change. And if promotions were not bassed on who cups the chife's balls the best then maybe they would.

Anonymous said...

Please use spell check!

Anonymous said...

That guys has balls and dont give a crap anymore!!

Anonymous said...

he retired dipshit of course he doesn't care he doesn't have to fear being transfered to a punishment assignment

Anonymous said...

I know he retired you stupid F*&K. I watched the whole thing too. Keep your face shut.