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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

City Manager doesn't want crimes or fires given a quadrant designation

The City is doing away with documenting crimes and fires in specific quadrants of the City. Apparently, the City Manager feels that it "could fuel negative racial and socioeconomic perceptions about certain areas of the city."

Honestly, I don't really care anymore about this. The City has been using tactics like this to spread out certain statistics. The Fire Department sees this all the time when territories are changed to make an engine, ladder, or medic truck seem less busy in order to prove a point.

However, if they removed the NW, SW, SE, and NE designations from CAD, this could cause a big problem. How many streets do we have that share the same name? Including the same block.

Yesterday, there were two in SW and one in NW.

Below is from the Roanoke Times (Read the entire story here)

Roanoke residents who want to know if crime is happening in their neighborhood could have a harder time getting complete information from the city's Web site.

City police earlier this fall removed a list of crime incidents from their Web site. They re-posted it last week, but without the quadrant designations -- Southeast, Southwest, Northeast and Northwest -- that had specified where the crimes happened.

It is the latest example of a reluctance by some city officials to provide the most precise information about where crimes are occurring. And it could cause confusion in a city where numerous streets cross quadrants and where one street may have two 600 blocks.

Under a directive from City Manager Darlene Burcham, officials are not allowed to provide quadrant designations in news releases reporting crimes or fires.


Anonymous said...

Just another example of the BS of Roanoke City Gov't. I live in NW Roanoke City, I trust that E10, E2 could respond to my house should it catch on fire, but I swear the more I read the more I wonder. I know it's not ya'll fault and this stupid idea of no more quadrants is BS. We all know which areas of Roanoke are favored adn we all know which areas you generally don't want to be in. I'm to the point I want to sell my house and move.

Ol grumpy guy said...

This red head is a(n) Complete Idiot. I hope she feels safe in her deep SW home. Maybe she would like to say Salem... What a fool, who does she think she's fool'n. People already know where good vs. bad is Mrs Idiot. Where do you get this stuff, do they have conventions where the rest of the idiot city managers meet and think this rediculous stuff up. Are you the president of that club too. Why dont you get in a cop car or a fire truck and see how it works. IDIOT..did I mention that already...This type of stuff must make that 100'000 plus salary really work for the citizens your running out. How bout you work on the BUM problem..IDIOT, or do you not see that either..

Al said...

What remains a puzzle to me is why voters in Roanoke contiune to put up with it. TMD in conjunction with Harris and FitzP are allowing this (won't say the word) to do what she and what their string pullers in So Roa and SW city want. IF the voters would have gone with any combination of Revercomb, McConnel, Bowers, White or Macfarlane, sweet big Darlene would be in the unemployment lines now. You may have another opportunity to change the future of the city come the spring council elections. ANYONE supported by the current council majority will be BAD BAD BAD for the city. Look to someone else. And now that Harris and the Harrisites also control the city Democratic committee, voters need to be smarter that just voting for a "D". Fact is that Lea himself only has a slim shot at running as a D, unless he buckles under to the Harris whip...I would never have thought he would, but don't know any more. Get off your butt Roanoke. Get out and get involved and send Darlene back to Tidewater and get a council majority in place that will respond to the CITIZENS, not to the influence and desires of those few people in So Roa and a couple other places. And you business owners better put the clamps down on that Chamber "PAC". Funny how business owners belong to the Chamber, but just like the voters, they let the Board do what they please with their money. The other options, of course, include getting out of the city. Actually, that may be the smarter move.

Anonymous said...

All they are setting up is to make it look like there is less crime and fires in NW and SE. Speaking of NW, it is convinient that there are no longer designations the same time the new fire station is being planned in NW. Now they wont be able to show that the majority of fires happen in NW, hence they will be able to justify getting rid of an engine in the part of town that cannot afford to lose one. What kinda crap is coming down now. Everytime I think I have seen it all, more shit hits the fan and I have come to the realization that I should never cease to be amazed.

Al said...

I think there is a lot of truth in that but there is also a lot of crime in other locations as well. In addition to you views, I think they are trying to minimize the reality of crime in Roanoke overall, making them (Darlene and the Harrisites, look like they are doing a great job. If the good citizens of Roanoke don't get off their rears, it's only going to continue AND get worse. Bless our dedicated firemen and policemen. And merry Christmas to you and yours!

Stephen said...

Boy...There are days that the only way I can find the address is by knowing the quadrant. Our district four quadrants, and if they did not announce it, there would be problems. 5555 30th st SW is about 8 miles from 5555 30th st NE in our district. If it is a fire, all stations go, so you cannot even go by which station is sent. That sounds like some political BS to me.

They recently changed the name of a street in a city near me to "improve the neighborhood image." The drug dealers and murderers did not care what the street name was, they kept on with their illicit activities.

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