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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Words or Actions...which is cheaper

There was an interesting comment on the last post which read something like this:
Awesome to have some good news and posts on here for a change. Great Job
I find this interesting. I don't disagree the fact that the post it refers to is good news. What I do find interesting is that so much of what is on this blog is good news. It is easier to remember the negative over the positive aspects though. I understood this early on in this blog.

The ironic twist is that commonly I speak out against Administrations "actions" and occasionally their "words".

Take for instance, the recent budget cuts. I won't name names, but certain Chiefs came around to various stations to tell us they were not in support of the cuts. They SAID they weren't. But when it came down to it their ACTIONS spoke louder and showed that the cuts were no big deal to them.

Therefore, it would have been impossible to speak about this event without being either positive or negative. Either I would have to talk about their words or actions which contradicted each other.

Furthermore, how can anyone actually be in support of the current administration? It is darn near impossible. If you support what they say, you would be pissed by their actions. If you support their actions, you would be mislead by their words.

Think about it for a minute.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Jim,Ralph,and Dave
always keep getting the last laugh.

You all need to quit BITCHING and show some balls.

Be creative, there are hundreds of you guys and gals and only three of them.Look what Marvin Parish did to Jerry Kerley years ago.It might have not have been planned that way but the chief left town in with his tail between his legs.

FireFleitz said...

If I remember correctly, Parrish lost his job first.

Anonymous said...

who wants to volunteer to fall in his own sword for that cause?

Anonymous said...

Parrish did loose his job first over something unrelated to what happened to Jerry. Ask one of the old firefighters if there are any still around. It is quite a story.

Anonymous said...

I worked at the same station as Marvin and it was planned. Kerley hit on Marvin's wife and Marvin said I will get that SOB. It didn't hurt that Marvin's mother worked at the Roanoke Times. Marvin was stupid and threaten Kerley at the Chief's Office in front of witnesses and then abused Sick Leave. That was why he was fired. Not because of the Love Triangle. Marvin got too Big for his britches. I agree we have to get creative. There has be some wrong doings that they have committed and can be fired for.

Anonymous said...

Look at the budget thats as far as you need to go. Spending has been out of control on useless junk. Dropping major cash on station 10 when its closing in a few months, renumbering and stenciling trucks, changing the uniforms, trips out of town for the executive officers, conventions, buying the chiefs 10 different styles of uniforms even ones like ours when they don't respond to do work, hell buying them turnout gear they only wear it to stay warm anyway why not buy them a good warm jacket and save about 1500 bucks, not to mention all of the flatscreen TVs in the offices and the extra large screen computers, new cars, laptops, #2, and all of the other wastes of money.

Im spent lets call it a day we cant get rid of them anyway. ill vote no confidence with you.

Anonymous said...

Top confidence.

Anonymous said...

I was all for Hoback, I thought he would do a good job. But i am done with this bozo the clown. I vote no confidence!

Anonymous said...

Does the IAFF have to approve a vote of no confidence? That may be money well spent by the union!