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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Roanoke Fire Blog Banned By Chief

I guess the most interesting thing about this blog being banned by the Chief is that it is being banned right now. I have covered very interesting topics in the past that have not had the same effect. Do not misunderstand me, a ban was not my intent.

I still maintain that this blog is positive and shows the unadulterated opinion of the Firefighters of the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department. An attempt to cover up this shows that certain people have blinders on.

Not every Firefighter embraces this blog or the thoughts on the site. However, those are the ones who read it the most to see what is said next.

If you remember back to the beginning of the blog, I brought news, fires, and history to the forefront. It was only when I finally realized that I could do more with the blog that I decided to add commentary and opinion. Unfortunately, some people did not like this.

I still contend that this department needs significant change. Blocking this blog from City Computers isn't going to change anything. Similarly, nothing is going to change in the department until certain people are realize it.

One ironic twist is that the person who banned this blog is also the person so many Firefighters saw as a catalyst for change. No dice. When the sword changed hands, even he continued to slash at the morale and backbone of this department.

One thing is for sure, either I work in a make believe department or he does. The stories, comments, thoughts, and ideas I hear from our Firefighters cannot be the same that he hears.

I could talk about the positive attributes of this site and the work that I have done, but I don't do it for myself and do not need to toot my own horn. I will note one thing though. When I wrote "Firefighting in Roanoke", the book was never publicly recognized by the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department. It was at that moment that I realized I was not embraced by our management. I am not going to change to make people like me.

I have maintained that this Department is where it is at because of its Firefighters. We have created and maintained one hell of a department. Through all of the despair, cuts, poor planning, bad decision making, lack of leadership, and mismanagement we continue to do our jobs. That in itself is a tremendous accomplishment. I have not met one firefighter in our department who has not complained about current management. Yet the Management continues to cut because of arrival times, fire under control times, etc. Times that are created because we are the best. We know the territory and get there quick. We know how to fight fires and put them out quick. We know how to mediate any emergency and do it quick.

All this in the shadow of:

the IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger and International Association of Fire Chiefs President Steve Westermann signed a joint agreement yesterday at the 49th Convention to provide a framework to improve labor relations between fire fighters and the nation’s fire chiefs. This occured last week at the IAFF Convention, just days prior to the IAFC Convention our Chiefs attended. (Read more about it here)
"The Labor Management Initiative also states that labor and management must improve communications and training, and promote a relationship based on respect, trust and understanding. The LMI also calls for labor and management to find ways to identify problems and resolve disputes.

Westermann urged fire fighters and fire chiefs to work together so they can do their jobs more efficiently and more safely."

Didn't the City send some of our Chiefs to this conference?

In case you are wondering, I will not be changing the domain. You all know how to get to this site, why should I change anything. Aren't there bigger issues to deal with?


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Anonymous said...

Seems like lots of folks had high hopes that the new regime would send old "death breath" packing for the good of the organization. Hopes of a better F-EMS department. It was not to be. Chalk it up to a lost opportunity.

Cuff-n-Stuff said...

Your Chief should look at the Watchdesk from Baltimore City and take a lesson from the new Chief Clack. He is using as a way to get input and to get info out to stop rumors.

Anonymous said...

Ban us if you want. Not going to keep me from looking at this sight. Dosen't change my opinion of ya chief. Your still a cowerdly P.O.S, just a bigger pile now.

P.S. I guess the truth hurt hims feelings.

Anonymous said...

This has become a big story on the net,(The Ban).Chief Hoback and his staff have made himself look like an idiot. I was told this even hit the nations capital news last night at 11pm Way to go chief just shows how easy and brainless you have to be to be a chief of a national accredit fire dept.We all are SO PROUD!!

ChiefMO said... picked it up too. That's how I got here. Our Chief meets with the Firefighterhourly guy almost every month. They have an open line to each other.

ChiefMO said... picked it up too. That's how I got here. Our Chief meets with the Firefighterhourly guy almost every month. They have an open line to each other.

Anonymous said...

Yet another attempt of the regime to demoraize the Department. We (L1132) came together in May to protest the budget cuts made by David Hoback, Jim Grigsby,and the rest of the puppets. Why don't we come together once more to present a petition of no confidence to city council and the media. We need to make a big statement here guys and gals!

On side note to David Hoback, (because I know your reading this every day). I hope you notice how I address you as David, I and no one else should ever call you Chief. You are not and have never been a chief and absolutely don't deserve the title or the respect that comes with it.

The same goes for your #2 man. The self proclaimed "christain" Ralph is one of the biggest "sinners" in the administration. He is nothing but a hypocrate, who also wouldn't make a pimple on a Chief's ass.

I hope both of you sleep well at night, but just remember what goes around comes around!

Fool said...

Google It!