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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Roanoke Fire Fighters Association on the News

Last night, Channel 7 and 10 ran stories on the Budget Cuts. You can see the two news stories with video here:

Channel 7:

Channel 10:

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Anonymous said...

Nice job Rhett, looks like you were stating the true facts, and Hoback was doing the politician spin on his facts. I hope the citizens realize the response times can not be the same w/ another engine gone and multiple trucks out of service due to manpower issues.

Anonymous said...

Response times are only figured on the first arriving unit, with less trucks in service it will take longer for the second and third trucks to arrive.

that puts the first arriving firefighters at risk, because there back up lines are further away.

Anonymous said...

not to mention that the quints actually carry less hose don't they? and that most of them have less water. more work,less people, lowered quality apparatus = fatalities and increased fire $ loss

Anonymous said...

Since we don't mark second/third due engines on scene when we arrive, we don't have anyway to prove times go up do we?

Anonymous said...

We dont have any hardfast numbers to prove it but any person with good common sense. Can figure out that closing engine co's down cutting man power, can not add up to postive out ocomes on the fires in the city of roanoke. If my memory is correct the departments Mission and Values Statement, says that they will work to provide the best care and protection the the citizens and employees of the city, and that the employees are our MOST Valuable Rescorce. Those are words on paper and must have no meaning at all to the city Mananger and Chief of the Department