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Friday, April 18, 2008

Fire on 9th Street

This was sent in by Derek Surratt at Station 6 A-Shift
Call was received that a house was on fire in the 500 block of 9th St. SE around 0100, sending E6, E1, L1, M6, BC1, RS1. While en route control advised that a VA State Trooper was on scene stating that the house was fully involved. Upon arrival E6 advised that the house was fully involved & defensive attack was initiated. Working fire companies were E11 & M2 w/ the additional engine request bringing E8.

See more photos of this fire and others at Overacker was able to grab some decent photographs at the Tazewell fire, 9th Street fire, and the Roanoke City Mills fire. Click here to see them.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, on a non-fire related note, Fish is in town on leave. He stopped by 10 yesterday and said things are going good and he'll be here for another few days. I think he is going to stop by a few more stations before he goes back to Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rhett, meant to say that the working companies were E8 & M1 (not M2).

Anonymous said...

I heard that everyone in training got a 10% raise. Is there any truth to this?

Anonymous said...

Not 10% but they did get an extra 5% to make up for losing there FLSA $$. Good to see there BC looking out for them.