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Friday, June 22, 2007

The History of Firefighting in Roanoke

This video was produced by Jim Hammerstrom and Blue Ridge Public Television (Blue Ridge PBS) for the show Blue Ridge Excursions. The video is an interview with Lt. Rhett Fleitz of the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department talking about the history of the department and the book "Firefighting in Roanoke", which was authored by Fleitz. The book was a tribute to Maurice Wiseman who dedicated many years to preserving the history of the department. The video has been reproduced with permission from Blue Ridge PBS.

For those of you on Roanoke City computers, the video will not be accessible due to site limitations. The video is hosted on YouTube, which you aren't allowed to look at.


Anonymous said...

Nice work, Rhett.

Jen said...

Neat, very informative. I need to purchase your book sometime. =)

RoanokeFound said...

Nice work yo.

But for your sake, I hope you didn't do that in one take.

FireFleitz said...

Thanks all. Actually that 8 minute interview came from over an hour of talking and being interrupted. But it was fun and I think he did a great job editing it.

Jen, if you want you can email me to catch up and get a book or you can get it online at amazon or many other places. Locally, they have it at the Transportation Museum, First Due Fire EMS Gear (both should still have signed copies).

Anonymous said...

Nice job fleitz, it is good to see and learn about our history. We have come along a way since than.