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Thursday, May 31, 2007

2007 Roanoke Valley Professional Firefighters MDA Golf Tournament

Hey Guys,

Tina needs to know who is playing in the golf tournament. If you have 1-4 members for a team give her a call at #2 or let me know and I will jot it down. If you are looking for a person or two to fill out a team, let me know. We have some stragglers already.

Oh and the really good news!!! I didn't realize it but this years extra raise for those of you who get above a 91 on your evaluations is actually 1%, not .5% as I had originally thought.

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Anonymous said...

The 1% would be nice, BUT, this department is afraid of giving that 91 or above because it saves the City money in the long run. 1% now & over 20 years saves alot of money for the City & makes Admin. look good in Big Reds eyes.
Rhett, What is the percentage of other dept.'s in the City that gives above a 91 for that extra money?????
I would like to know.