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Friday, May 18, 2007

Station 1 A-Shift on the Roanoke TimesCast

Today, the Roanoke TimesCast was shot at the new Roanoke Fire Station #1. Check out the TimesCast (

FF Frank Leonard and Capt. Todd Stone make an appearance and if you listen closely when Todd is talking you can hear Kelcey Branch over the loud speaker.

If you have never watched the TimesCast, I suggest you take a look. There might be some others out there who enjoy theire jobs more than us. Great job guys.


Anonymous said...

Was Overracker not available to do the astronomy part, cause he is the citys leading astrologist??

Anonymous said...

Where was the boat, skipper? We got to back out, its too hot.

Anonymous said...

never backed out of anything hot but your wife coward

Anonymous said...

who are you to call someone a coward when you sign anonymous? This sounds like something that should be on the other site, and not on heidis site, come on guys,