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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

President Bush visits Virginia Tech

Last week, President Bush visited the Campus of Virginia Tech for the memorial service of those who lost their lives during the Virginia Tech Shootings. Air Force 1 landed at Roanoke Regional Airport carrying President Bush and the First Lady. After landing, the President and his wife then boarded Marine 1 to fly to Blacksburg. Needless to say that neither Air Force 1 or Marine 1 fly alone.

The pictures were taken by Jeff Marvin. I apologize, I originally mislabeled the photos as to who took them. This was my fault and I am sorry for any confusion or frustration I may have caused.


Anonymous said...

That pic of that C17 is awsome rhett. Looks good, along with the H60's.. The blackhawk looks good any color. Great Pics my man.

FireFleitz said...

Thanks, the pictures were actually taken by a fellow firefighter Rob Matzuga.

Anonymous said...

Actually the pictures were taken by me, the airport photographer, at Roanoke Regional Airport. I am disappionted that someone else has been given credit for these. It was an experience I personally will never forget. Let me know if anybody needs some more pictures from the Presidents visit. I think I took about 150 pics that day. Thanks Jeff Marvin

Anonymous said...

Jeff, I sent the pictures to Rhett, not meaning to take credit for them but rather because I thought he would find them interesting. I should have been more clear about where they came from. They were actually sent to me via a friend. I was actually watching Air Force One fly overhead as I mowed grass that day. I've been on vacation and haven't had the chance to clarify with Rhett. I apologize for the mishap, it was my fault.