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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Raleigh and Wake County Firefighting Weblog

I have found some new Fire Blogs.

Raleigh and Wake County Firefighting Weblog

This one has been online for just over a year now. Check the blog out. They have two guys, Lee Wilson and Mike Legeros, who manage the blog and it seems as though they are enjoying themselves bringing the news of Raleigh and Wake County to Firefighters around the World.

I have added them to the sidebar for your future use.

Here is another Blog from the other side of the Country:

BATTALION 14 News & Information

Also added to the sidebar, this blog is heavy on HTR photos/incidents. This blog is managed by a firefighter on each shift it appears.

If you know of other blogs out there, let me know. I enjoy checking them out as well as offering them in one place for you guys to look at.

Here is a cool tidbit on the Roanoke Fire Blog, we are on the first page for the google search Fire Blog. We share the front page with the LAFD Blog, which far surpasses our traffic. The Roanoke Fire Blog is also on the first google search page for Firefighter Blog.

Here is one more:

Deaf Firefighter's Blog

He does a great post on the PASS alarm issue which has quickly become a huge problem in the World of Firefighting.

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Engine 139 said...

Show me some love! Just responding to the other firefighting blogs out there. Hamptons fire is the internets largest resource for free firefighting video and mishaps.

I have a fund raiser going now also-

Spread the word...people can buy anything from anytime just need to do it thru hamptons fire and 50% goes to the burn center.

Thanks + Be Safe