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Friday, March 23, 2007

Fire Station 1 Nears Completion

The new Headquarters Fire-EMS Station 1 is nearing completion. I haven't had the chance to get inside of it since they began building. The other day, I ventured over to take some pictures of the station. They are below. The Station is set to open sometime the middle to end of April from what I understand.
This is the front of the station.
This is the rear of the station. You can see the 3 large bay doors in the center which will be for the Engine, Medic Unit or two, and ?Ladder? The two small bay doors on the right and one on the left will be for the Battalion Chief, RS-1, and I guess the service truck.
This is the Franklin Rd. Side of the building.
Here is the kitchen. It boasts large walk in pantry which will be used as the pantries and also will house a refrigerator. Each Shift will get a pantry.
This is a look down the hallway of the bunk room. Unlike most of the stations in Roanoke which feature an open bedroom full of beds, this station shares the design of pods in the bedroom with stations like 6 and 4.
This is a picture of the locker room. The lockers are located down one side (left) and in an open area at the other end. On the right is individual bathrooms with showers.
This is the watchdesk located just off of the bay as you can see through the window.


Jen said...

so have they decided what to do with the original station 1? the way the city is going (mill mountain and the market area) they will probably screw that up too.

Anonymous said...

The city plans to just shut it down. They have no IDEA of our history and why the Historic fire station should stay open. I feel the city leaders are scared to make good decisions and stand up agianst the city manager and fire administration that has direct ties to the city administration with retired chief Grigsby, funny how that worked HUH?. The decision to keep the old station open would help the moral among men in the field. The city doesnt understand our profession, and have no idea that we will be doing more with less if they continue to go along with the plan to shut down engines and stations. I urge City councel to experience my job and see how important we are. No more fudged numbers and statistics, just come out and see and do the job we do.

Anonymous said...

How much longer til the new station opens?