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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Chief Manuel and Chief Grigsby are both due some congratulations.

Chief Grigsby has been appointed as Assistant City Manager, a position he has been acting in for a while. Therefore, the Chief's position has opened up at Roanoke Fire-EMS. Deputy Chief Hoback will remain acting in the position until another Chief is decided upon.

In related news, Chief Roger Manuel is due some congratulations.

From Roanoke Fire-EMS:

Please join Roanoke Fire-EMS in congratulating Battalion Chief Roger Manuel on achieving his Executive Fire Officer Status. This is a very prestigious designation that only two other members of the department have obtained.

The officers enhance their professional development through a unique series of four graduate and upper-division-baccalaureate equivalent courses. The EFO Program spans a 4-year period with 4 core courses. Each course is 2 weeks in length.

EFOP participants must complete an Applied Research Project (ARP) that relates to their organization within 6 months after the completion of each of the four courses. A certificate of completion for the entire EFOP is awarded only after the successful completion of the final research project.

Chief Manuel has been with Roanoke Fire-EMS for over 16 years.

In completely unrelated news, I was looking on the City intranet tonight and if you go to FAQ's, you will find a great picture of Lt. Tim Jordan washing the front of Ladder 13. The words cannot express the joy I feel that Tim has finally come to the front. I guess Stafford is next.


Anonymous said...

Who is the other EFO?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Armstrong too?

Anonymous said...

Hoback is a EFO, Armstrong is not a EFO.

Anonymous said...

Armstrong has CFO, not EFO