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Monday, October 23, 2006


This is a reminder to all the loyal readers of the RoanokeFire Blog. Over the past year and a half the blog has had thousands of comments. I really appreciate the communication, good or bad, about different events, incidents, and posts. Often, by my comments in a post, I am trying to start a conversation on a topic. All in all the comments have been professional and within the limits of acceptable. Only a handful of times have I had to delete comments which I felt did not need to be read. Most of the comments come from the firefighters here in Roanoke. However a lot of the readers come from elsewhere. Remember, this is not the rumor mill. I would like to keep this site as professional as possible. One person said the other day when he was commenting on me getting "bashed" about a post that I put myself out there. Sure I do. I will not disagree with that. I enjoy the comments, and what you all have to say. I often entertain comments with a reply, but not always.

Please remember that the outside is looking in, and that opinions will be formed by what is read. Some things are best left unsaid.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to leave a comment on comments and make people look.

Anonymous said...

Its cool everyone is entitled to there own opinion and should be able to express it with in the boundrys of decency, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Since this is "your site", you should delete all comments that reflect negatively about you or those chiefs you want to protect. You opened up this forum so take the good with the bad, even the bad can have positive results. I've read posts that were removed that weren't that bad, but it would hurt someone's feelings. After all we want off ARFF.