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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


New Station 1 - $5 million
New Station 3 - $3 million
New Station 4 - $4 million

Having to carry jugs of extra hydraulic fluid because your reserve ladder truck leaks and won't be fixed. PRICELESS

I know we could go on all day long...well that isn't such a bad idea. Anyone else have a better one?

Seriously though, it was overheard on the radio the other day that Ladder 1's crew which is driving the reserve ladder has to carry jugs of extra hydraulic fluid because the cylinders that lift the ladder are leaking very bad.

You know that the budget cuts have occurred and will happen again, yet there are still non-operational programs being funded.

Anyways, happy turkey day. There is a lot to be Thankful for. God Bless you all.


Anonymous said...

I know this is off the subject but there is a really cool video of Officer Bryan Lawerence coming home. Captain Mutter and 1st Lt. Graham are there going over the house with him. You guys did a great job onthe house and all of those who helped out as well.


Anonymous said...

Budget cuts, hydraulic fluid leaking, the gas grill program canceled. Armageddon is upon us. What would overacre do?

Anonymous said...

checkout for an even better story on Lawerance, the reporter and camera man followed the story a little longer. Not just showing up on the last day.

Anonymous said...

Bo, where was the video you saw?

Anonymous said...

If you do not like Roanoke Fire EMS please fell free to QUIT!

Anonymous said... is where I caught the video.


FireFleitz said...

Who me? If I don't like Roanoke Fire-EMS then quit? Yeah. I don't like it at all.

Anonymous said...

You folks that get on here and say "if you don't like it, then quit" really piss me off. You're probably a chief b/c no real firefighter is just gonna roll over and take this bullshit laying down. Looky here bud, if you have a chance to fight and make your work place safer and better, then it is a fight worth fighting. You don't just get on here and tell everyone who's a little pissed off about the way things are going to quit! Not to mention the ladder situation is a citizen issue as well. Admin. won't listen to us, and they really don't care about us. So how do we get at them? We get on here and embarrass them. We should do our best to let the public know how bad it really is. And Rhett does a helluva job keeping us informed as well as the public. Yes, most of them don't care either, but you don't have to care about a situation, you just have to be informed. So when one of us or a citizen die because there's no stick on scene, we can all say "well they shoulda' listened." And in the end that is the only thing that will change things, a tragedy. So why don't YOU quit ya friggin' yes man suck ass. Get back in the chief's office, shut the door, and start smiling like a doughnut under his desk.

Anonymous said...

Look just because someone wants you to either quit or shut up doesn't mean they are a chief. I'm not and I want you all to shut up. Fact is Overacker sometimes has simivalid points, he should keep some of his shit to himself, and as someone else said he has nothing to fear because he is retired. They can't touch his retirement, all they can do is ban him from entry to scenes.

Just because we don't get on here bitching doesn't mean we are rolling over and taking it in the butt. Every department in the country has its issues. EVERY department has a #3. This department sucks, but it's better than some I've seen.

The budget sucks, yes it does. But the chief can't really do alot about it. He has a boss also, regardless of whether or not he is in bed with them, he can't change things they hand down. He has a job and wants to keep providing for his family also. He has (against the odds of us being against him) faired fairly well. I do not like his approach and most days him, but I'll acknowledge a decent job.

I would wager if most of you had to balance and manage the departmental budget for 1 week you'd be found huddled in a corner crying. It is a very difficult thing to manage a large business, which is bascially what we do.

Cut everyone some slack, and as the previous poster stated quit if you don't like it, acknowledge the job done by the Scotts with our help and enjoy the job while you can.

Anonymous said...

The Chief does a good job?? Since his job is predominately managing budgets and making spending decisions then we should have an experienced business person in that position, not someone who started as a secretary and has no M.B.A.
If you want a Chief who is great on the fire scene and manages his people well then he has failed at that job as well (#1 and #2). He has never fought fire or really ridden a red truck and he comes on scene and takes command from the Batt. Chief how to control a fire scene. I personally do not feel safe that someone like #1 assumes command on the fire scene.
So the bottom line is that we do not have a chief that can run the business part of the department or the suppression side of the department. Lovely.