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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Officer Bryan Lawrence's Thanksgiving

Officer Bryan Lawrence is at home after a long journey since his tragedy. The last part of his journey involved living in an apartment while his house was completely remodeled by your Roanoke Firefighters and others. Scott Graham and Scott Mutter spearheaded the remodel and many others helped out. Today, the Roanoke Times has a great piece by Amanda Codispoti on the events.

View the coverage here:

WSLS with video

Roanoke Times coverage with video

Thanks to all the Firefighters who helped out. You guys really make us look good.


Anonymous said...

Even though the city's administration tries to break us down with all their cut-backs and bull, we still rise to the occasion when someone needs help.

To all those that helped, thank you for keeping the spirit alive and be proud of yourselves for what you accomplished.

Great job brothers.

BG 6-C

Anonymous said...

I tell you if this post were about something negitive there would be 20 comments by now. But I for one love to see post about things such as this. It really does so what some of the guys in this dept are all about. This is a great story and the guys who helped out officer lawrence are the best. I don't think this family will ever forget this and you can tell they were really touched. Great job and god bless.

Anonymous said...

Notice what shirt Brian had on? Ours. Our shirt and he isn't one of us. He wasn't wearing a Roanoke PD shirt because we (Graham & Mutter) were the ones that did the work and he was showing support for us.

Pfestus1 said...

It was a real blessing for me to be a small part of this effort to get Brian back in his home. The real heros are Mutter and Graham, they did a fantastic job of coordinating this effort. Thanks a whole lot to them, and everyone who was a part of this worthy effort.
Pfestus 4-A

Anonymous said...

Good job Skinny and Mutter.


Michael Overacker said...

Absolutely a great job by all involved, especially Scott Graham and Scott Mutter. Bryan is a really nice person, and when he was in need, it was a good thing that people stepped up and helped out. It would be an even better thing if people would carry that to other parts of their lives. Far too little compassion in this world, but it is great to see that there is plenty with this endeavor. Great work, and hope for a complete recovery for Bryan.

Michael Overacker

Anonymous said...

Great jobs guys, I know you guys are not doing it for the glory, but this is a great story and your hard work is greatly appreciated and I know it makes everyone at the RFD proud. I have heard nothing but good about Officer Lawrence and what a strong man he and his family are.

Anonymous said...

great story guys!! my thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Lawrence and his family. Its great to our guys give back.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say thanks, to all of you that came out to help with Brian and Brenda's house. Hank, they loved the new door. They looked like kids on Christmas Day, when they came in for the first time when the house was completed. We couldnt have finished it so quickly without your help, so Thanks again ... Scott Mutter