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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ladder Operations Class in Roanoke

I hit a milestone this week. The new went live. Check it out here: Tonight, I added photos from the ladder ops class. Check out the story and photos here.

I have more stories and stuff for the blog in the future, I have been busy with a lot of stuff recently. If you have anything to share, send it in.


The Self Dispatchers said...

We are here to work hard for the city and have a few thing to tell all the firefighters in town:

-give 110% every time
-work as a team an play hard
-there is no "I" in team
-you scratch my back I'll scratch yours
-you gots to give 110%
-lets go out there and get the job done no matter what
-play with your heart
-win or lose it doesn't matter as long as you play the game
-put all your eggs in one basket
-set the ladder to save lives...unless you are in the HTR truck
-get to the calls fast if your truck doesn't break down on the way
-give 110% at all times
-never bluff against a professional poker player
-when you run out of steam, use the extra 10% you have in the tank

Anonymous said...

With the economy in the dumps and local businesses and cooperations laying off do we need to start worrying about our jobs? I always figured the medical field to be a pretty safe job, but look at Lewis Gale letting people go. Sure hope that everybody that voted for change is right and this economy and low times makes a U-turn.