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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


1300 riders; that is the figure given for motorcycle riders in the benefit ride for Officer Bryan Lawrence. The latest tally is that the ride raised around $40,000 for Bryan.

That is quite the event.

Bryan is in therapy at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. The Shepherd Center is a Catastrophic Care Hospital. If you would like to keep up with Bryan, go to You will have to login and then search for the name "officerbryanlawrence". You will be able to see what he has been up to.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome show of support. It's nice to see the people of the Roanoke Valley giving aid in the time of need. I also heard that the City (Burcham) stated she plans on collecting on the thousands of dollars for food tax on the event. Is this true? W.T.F.

Anonymous said...

That is true on the tax. Probably needs money to give away to some business that is not paying it's own taxes.

No confidence....

OOS for Training said...

The tax man still has not collected TAXES from the downtown places. Thats almost $1,000,000. Sure wish our news people would jump on this. I live in the city and I have to pay my Taxes. Maybe I should look somewhere else to live. FIRE THE CITY TAX MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If that dumb SOB gets reelected for that position the citizens are not paying attention to anything. He couldn't pore piss out of a bucket and I no this for a fact.

friend of city folk