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Friday, February 08, 2008

Time to make some phone calls again

A very important bill in Senate needs your support. The Line of Duty Bill was uncontested until yesterday when . Your support is needed to contact Senator Edwards and let him know you want his support on this.

Read more on the Local 1132 Site. Read about the current status of the bill here.

Contact Senator Edwards here.

View other Legislative tracking on

Call his office now. Ask for his support on Senate bill 329. That is all you have to do. From what I understand, they have already received 73 calls from across the State this morning.

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Anonymous said...

does making phone calls actually have play in the decision??

FireFleitz said...

Very much so. The more people who call, the more he realizes that we are in support of the bill and that we are asking for his support.

Senator Edwards has been a big supporter of Firefighters and always been very up front with us.

The issue this time was that he wanted a couple of questions answered on the funding mechanism. He probably could have called the VPFF for the answers. Either way, we were just asking for his support.

I understand that there were 300+ phone calls in the first 45 minutes.