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Friday, February 01, 2008

Looking for Gary Fisher


Thanks for all the help guys. I talked to Gary last night. Everything is well overseas.

If anyone knows of anyone else overseas, let me know. I have been in contact with Jeremy Edwards from Roanoke County, he is deployed in Iraq currently.


If anyone knows Gary Fishers email, let me know. Gary if you see this, email me at

Also, I am looking for information on Roanoke Valley Firefighters who are deployed and/or working overseas in the war, helping with the war, or work related to the war.

If you know of anyone, please email me and let me know.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Is that the kid that plays chess, cause I hear he is in seclusion due to EMT-I class!

Anonymous said...

Roger Fracker, former Roanoke Firefighter and son of retired Roanoke Firefighter Phil Fracker, is deployed in Iraq. I recently talked to Phil and he said Roger is doing well and should be coming home in a couple months.