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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Local News Mishap Circling the Net

The other night, Jay Warren was caught laughing about a prior joke during a news story about a deadly accident. The footage is circling the net on various video sights. This is great news. The last time the Nation heard about Roanoke was when the lady in South East who was complaining about jackhammering noise hurting her unborn baby while she smoked a cigarette (link).

The video is here:
If it doesn't show, the direct link is here.

The Biggest Asshole News Reporter Ever
Clowns: funny. People dying: not funny. Again...that's clowns: funny. People dying: not funny.
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Anonymous said...

That channel is a joke anyway. Tonight one of their "feedback" letters called them ignorant.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting in consideration of Warren's otherwise haughty demeanor.

Not so anon.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is using heroin too..Their news sucks and most of their reporters think they walk on water. If we are lucky they will get rid of him to.