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Monday, April 16, 2007

One heck of a day in Virginia - Shootings at Virginia Tech and an LODD in Prince William County

Today, Roanoke sits in the news as does the rest of Virginia. Unfortunately, South of us there has been a terrible shooting at Virginia Tech. 31 reported deaths and over 60 shot. There are several patients at various hospitals throughout Southwest Virginia, including Roanoke Memorial Hospital, Lewis Gale Hospital, and New River Valley Medical Center.

At the Virginia Tech shooting, what happened?

Being here in Roanoke and having connections with the Fire and EMS here and there I am hearing reports that a male found out his girlfriend was cheating on him so he went to kill the guy who was having the affair with his girlfriend. That was the shooting at 7am, the unidentified male and his roomate were shot. Then he waited around until his girlfriend had his first class. The gunman/boyfriend showed up at the class and killed his girlfriend and continued to shoot many in the classroom. The gunman finished by killing himself.

Again, this is just what I hear outside of conventional press. Do not hold me to it, nor ask where I got the information. You can find information on the shooting anywhere online like or

There will be a lot of news coverage of this story. The word is that this might be the largest shooting spree and/or college shooting in U.S. History.

As a commenter has stated that I should not report rumors , the fact is that the news has covered the same information as I. It is an unfortunate event. Yes, I pray for the families of those involved and I hope that all of the injured have a speedy recovery. I hope also that the death toll stops at 33, as reported right now.

Prince William Firefighter LODD

A Prince William firefighter lost his life at a fire this morning in Woodbridge. The fire went to 3 alarms. I do not have much other information right now, and I have heard reports of a second firefighter dying on the way to the fire, but I have not confirmed it. If you have more information please let me know.

As for the rest of the State, we are experiencing high winds. Roanoke had a 3 alarm fire today, I will have pictures up soon.

More information later


Anonymous said...

Rhett instead of posting rumors and inflamatory crap like that about the shootings you should post a word of thanks for the living and a prayer for the families of the victims. It doesn't matter why this idiot started shooting all that matters is that 32 people died and 29 others are injured.

FireFleitz said...

I apologize for my callous coverage of the incident as you see it. It is not my intention to snub the families of those involved. I had a minute to update information on the incident while trying to cover one of Prince Williams Bravest who lost his life this morning in a fire. Your thoughts on my post were not my intention. I have updated the post with some additional information.

Anonymous said...

Rhett thanks for the information, i have a few police officer friends there and they are telling me the samething. very sad day for virginia tech and and our brothers in prince william. Rhett i have talked to a few firefighters from Roanoke today that are intrested in going to the wake and funeral of the OWL Firefighter. If we have a large group of firefighters that want to go would the union look inot renting a few vans, and or us taking some city vans/?.I am working at station 1 tomorrow give me a call. Todd Stone

FireFleitz said...


We will see what we can do. I am sure we can set up something about sending firefighters up there, maybe even an engine for the funeral. Unfortunately, I am heading to Boston for Vacation on Thursday morning, so I will be unable to attend. I will be sure to have the arrangements on as soon as I have them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rhett, Have a good trip. Ill talk to chief Hoback this am. If anyone is intrested in attending give me a call i am on Bat-1 this week A-shift Todd

Anonymous said...

Your info is not a "rumor or infalmatory crap" as the above knee jerk conclution jumper above said. Your informaion is correct as stated and confirmed by a state police investigator whom i know well and talked to last night. good job as usual Rhett.

Anonymous said...

no wonder the winds won't go away from all the sucking going on. I think the last poster is in love with you Rhett.

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm MADLY in love with him. No actually i'm just tired of hearing idiots like you on here.

Anonymous said...